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Add JBL vs. Bill Simmons to the 'hot angles' for the last WWE Raw before WrestleMania

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Somebody in Creative really liked how that Jon Stewart angle panned out.

With rumors swirling that Twitter sniping between Curtis Axel and Snoop Dogg will result in some celebrity vs. sports entertainer hijinks on the next episode of Monday Night Rawthe other guest star for the 'go home' show for WrestleMania 31 took at shot at analyst John Bradshaw Layfield:

And JBL has fired back with a couple of his own back to ESPN personality and founder Bill Simmons:

Because nothing sells pay-per-view (PPV) and Network subscriptions like tension between announcers.

I guess the plan is to get as much mainstream press as possible while playing up the crossover appeal of their biggest show of the year.  But the cranky old wrestling fan in me wishes they'd keep this away from the Super Bowl of the form.

Excited to see the Wrestling God bicker with the Innovator of Extreme (online pop culture commentary)?

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