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AJ Lee reportedly backstage in Newark and set to return on tonight's WWE Raw

via AJ's Belts

Well, this would certainly be interesting if true.

PWInsider is reporting that former Divas champion AJ Lee, fresh off a widely-reported recent Twitter exchange with WWE Executive Vice-President Stephanie McMahon, is backstage in her home state of New Jersey tonight, and will return to the active roster.

The site goes on to say that the plan is to build to a Divas tag match at WrestleMania 31 later this month in Santa Clara, California between AJ & Paige against The Bella Twins.

As is usually the case in pro wrestling, despite the fact that Lee's messages to Stephanie on the social media site referenced real world wage disparities between male and female performers, many fans speculated that they were part of a storyline.  AJ returning less than a week after rumors that the McMahon heiress was "furious" about her Tweets will give more ammunition to those arguments.

If they're not mentioned tonight, and Steph doesn't interact with her, that will be taken as a sign that they were not a work.  Or, they could be holding onto them for later - either by design or as evidence of the old truism that everything eventually becomes a work in wrestling, regardless of how it started.

Also worth watching is how AJ and the entire division is presented one week after the brief women's tag match on last week's Raw that kicked off the #GiveDivasAChance Twitter uprising that, unlike many WWE generated social media slogans, trended well into the week.  This will be the first live show since it became apparent that fans weren't going to let this blow over as quickly as the average upset about booking decisions.

Will we see AJ on WWE television tonight, or will this be another Sheamus, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton report that buzzes on Monday afternoon before fizzling out on Monday night?

Is her return part of an angle with Stephanie?  A knee-jerk reaction to a hashtag movement?

Would you be excited about a team-up between Anti-Divas against a pair of Total Divas?

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