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WWE Raw results, live blog (Mar. 2, 2015): That's Jon Stewart's music!

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Mar. 2, 2015) from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming WrestleMania 31 pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza later this month in Santa Clara, California.

Advertised for tonight: Jon Stewart arrives to answer Seth Rollins' challenge, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



My name is BaconStrips. Let's do this thing.


WWE Signature and Raw intro


Seth Rollins comes out to the ring with J&J Security. Before he starts talking, a recap of Rollins invading The Daily Show is shown.

Rollins says that Stewart is on his way to the Prudential Center to confront him. Rollins has a message to Stewart: turn around now, and that this isn't a Andy Kaufman/Jerry Lawler skit. Rollins tells us that he's the future of WWE.

Rollins starts to brag on himself until Roman Reigns shows up.

Reigns wanted to come out and hear everyone tell Rollins that he sucks. A chant subsequently starts.

Rollins continues his promo, saying that he's worth more than Michael Jordan because he can outwork, outrap, and outeat anyone. Oh, and he can outwrestle Roman Reigns (a declaration that earns some cheers).

The two start arguing about who will be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and Rollins states that Reigns can't beat Brock Lesnar. Rollins puts over Lesnar as an indestructible force that Reigns can't beat, but Rollins can.

Reigns laughs at Rollins before challenging him to a triple threat match at WrestleMania. (It should be noted that a "CM Punk" chant is drowning out this promo a bit). Rollins responds that he COULD do that, but he would rather wait until Brock and Roman tear each other to pieces before cashing in. OR he could cash in at Smarkamania.

A couple "maybes" later, and Reigns cracks Rollins in the mouth with a punch and subsequently takes down J&J Security.

Rollins high-tails it out of the ring before he is murdered as well.


The Daily Show with Seth Rollins is set to premiere tonight.

Paige vs Nikki Bella for the Divas Title is announced

Backstage, Rollins yells at J&J Security before running into Randy Orton. He calls his beating "embarrassing" and starts yelling at Rollins as well. He tells Rollins to demand a match with Reigns tonight to prove that he can outwrestle Rollins. Rollins says that he'll handle this mess on his own.


Dean Ambrose vs Bad News Barrett

Note that there's a ladder on the stage. R-Truth is also on commentary for this one.

Pretty typical match involving these two, but that isn't the story here. Instead, there are more shenanigans involving the IC Title belt. First, R-Truth steals it again and hides it under the announce table. However, a little later on, Luke Harper materializes out of completely nowhere and takes the belt from Truth. As Harper leaves, BNB gets distracted, allowing Ambrose to Dirty Deeds him for the win.

Dean Ambrose def Bad News Barrett


Backstage, a bunch of people are gathered together. Miz premieres his commercial to the protests of Damien Mizdow. After a lecture from Miz, Mizdow shuts up and allows the commercial to air.

And yep, it's a commercial about erectile dysfunction.

Miz is horrified as everyone laughs. Miz accuses Mizdow of setting him up, eventually slapping him. Mizdow responds by getting right in Miz's face. After a lecture, Mizdow angrily apologizes.


Bray Wyatt comes down to the stage and stands by a large casket.

He directly addresses Undertaker, asking him to come out wherever he is. To entice him, Bray built a beautiful casket just for him. He also says that everything comes at a price.

Bray grabs a gas can and starts talking about fire's urge to destroy all....just like Bray.

Bray pours the gas on the casket, saying that he'd walk though the fires of Hell to meet Undertaker, and that Taker will burn at WrestleMania.

Bray lights the casket on fire, yelling at Taker to find him.


The Brass Ring Club & Natalya vs The Usos & Naomi

Fairly short and fast-paced match that features the women getting a good amount of action. The Usos/Naomi get the win with (what else) Naomi rolling up a distracted Natalya

The Usos & Naomi def The Brass Ring Club & Natalya

After the match, Natalya, Cesaro, and Tyson Kidd argue.


Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins is made official.

Sheamus returns...soon


John Cena comes down to the ring.

A video of last week's Cena/Rusev segment plays, and that leads us to tonight.

He addresses the divided crowd, talking about his Fastlane defeat and being turned down by Rusev last week.

Cena has news for his supporters: He is going to overcome some odds and make it to WrestleMania. How will he do this? By entering himself in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

As Cena goes on, Stephanie McMahon comes to the ring.

Steph rails on Cena for entering himself in the Andre Battle Royal. After a little rebuttal from Cena, Steph starts talking about Andre the Giant, showing a pic of her and Andre.

Steph's answer to Cena competing in the Battle Royal? No.

After Cena takes a page out of Brie Bella's book of calling Steph a bit, Cena complains about being omitted from the Battle Royal. Steph rebuts by saying that he just can't get the job done anymore, so they'll find someone who can get the job done.

After Cena starts pretty much begging to get into WrestleMania, Steph fires right back, saying that the company thrived without their biggest stars in the big show, and it'll definitely thrive without John Cena.

The question is asked: Where would John Cena be without WWE?

Right on cue, Curtis Axel comes out.


Axel declares himself the best Royal Rumble performer of all time before going off the deep end and asking Steph for a match against Rusev.

I can't even right now; I'm laughing WAY too hard. THE CROWD IS CHANTING "AXELMANIA!!!"

Steph brings up a challenge: John Cena vs Curtis Axel RIGHT NOW!

One more thing: John Cena can fight Rusev ONLY if Cena can get Rusev's blessing.


Cena tells Axel to leave now because he will get eviscerated if he doesn't.


John Cena vs Curtis Axel

Right after the bell rings, Axel does his Axelmania mating call while doing Hulk Hogan's moves. John Cena is not impressed.

An unimpressed Cena just destroys Axel. Hitting him with a couple clotheslines, an AA, and the STF.

John Cena def Curtis Axel

After the match, Rusev and Lana come out. Lana congratulates Cena on his victory.

Rusev takes the mic and reemphasizes the fact that the only way we'll see Cena vs Rusev II is is Rusev allows it.

Rusev's answer (after a dramatic pause and some crowd bashing): NO!


A brief video of Michael Cole's interview with Michael Hayes and Arn Anderson is shown. It hypes Triple H vs Sting.


Triple H comes down to the ring.

He talks about his 20 years in WWE and how Vince McMahon gave him an opportunity.

At Fastlane, Triple H gave Sting that opportunity, but Sting gave it away for one match. Trips understand why Sting made that decision, but Sting made the decision against the wrong guy.

Trips talks about why Sting never came to WWE after WCW's fall. He starts asking for theories before calling Booker T to the ring.

Trips calls Booker T on his comments on why Sting never came to WWE. Booker responds that he knows Sting and he tendencies. Also, Booker would have kept Sting from WWE if he was in Trips' decision.

Booker drops the big bombshell: No one can control Sting. He's in WWE, and Trips has to deal with him.

Trips starts talking about fate and stuff before telling Booker that he's fired. Booker looks on in disbelief before walking out.

As he's walking out, Trips tells Booker to stop and says that he was just messing with him before complimenting him. It was an example of control, and Triple H has ultimate control over Sting's and WCW's legacy.

Triple H vows to end Sting.


Paige vs Nikki Bella (WWE Divas Championship)

For once, we actually got a pretty good, semi-long women's match for Raw. It was also fairly competitive for what it was. The match sadly ends when Brie Bella interferes while Nikki is tied up in the Scorpion Crosslock.

Paige def Nikki Bella by DQ

As the Bellas try to beat down Paige, AJ Lee makes her long awaited return to a huge pop. Paige and AJ then clear the Bellas out of the ring.


Backstage, AJ is skipping when Renee Young runs into her. Before Renee can ask anything, Paige comes in and asks why she came out. AJ responds that she was "giving Divas a chance." The classic "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" is dropped.


It's time for The Daily Show with Seth Rollins.

Rollins recaps his feud between himself and Jon Stewart, replaying the video of Rollins' invasion from last week.

Rollins declared that he verbally dominated Stewart on his own show, and he's gonna do The Daily Show better than Stewart can.

First topic: Where is Jon Stewart? Rollins starts dogging Stewart and his gig at hosting the Oscars and whatever movie he made last year.

Rollins keeps going on until the man himself, Jon Stewart, makes his entrance.

Stewart tells everyone that Rollins didn't earn this Daily Show, and that he can't even read his prompts. Stewart says that he isn't there to make a fool out of a SWAT team stripper with Lady Gaga's hair.

New Jersey isn't afraid of the curb stomp; it's a Jersey greeting.

Stewart talks about how the best wrestlers in the world earned their titles, and Rollins did none of that since he was handed everything on a silver platter. He also has a message for the posterboy: posters always get taken down in time.

Stewart has something that Rollins will never have: respect. He then says that The Authority doesn't care about Rollins.

The question is then asked: who is REALLY competing for the title at WrestleMania. It sure ain't Rollins, and he's just gonna hold his briefcase forever (the case he didn't earn).

Rollins has had enough, and starts coming after Stewart, who tries to escape.

As Rollins grabs Stewart, Randy Orton comes to the ramp. As Rollins is distracted, Stewart hits a low blow on Rollins. Orton laughs and walks away. Stewart celebrates his "victory"


Backstage, Renee Young interviews Jon Stewart. He recaps his kick while nervously looking for Seth Rollins.


Luke Harper vs Daniel Bryan

It should be noted that Luke Harper still has the IC Title. The ladder is also back.

Well, Harper beat the ever-living hell out of Bryan, but Bryan was able to lock in a Yes Lock to beat Harper out of nowhere.

Daniel Bryan def Luke Harper

After the match, Daniel Bryan (selling his injured arm) gets on the announce table and does the Yes Chant. During this, Bad News Barrett comes out to get his title back. This leads to a frenzy between him, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, R-Truth, and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler eventually "borrows" the title.

I love this angle.


Alundra Blayze is officially announced for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015

Backstage, Seth Rollins is sulking when Randy Orton comes in and start ripping on Seth Rollins for his actions against Jon Stewart. After this abruptly ends, Orton, Kane, and Big Show say that they're in Rollins' corner for his match.


Paul Heyman is in the ring. He introduces himself in his usual way.

Heyman is in Newark to shoot. Brock Lesnar WILL be at WrestleMania. In fact, he'll be anywhere he damn well pleases, and he will be champion for as long as he damn well pleases.

After a sound hiccup, Heyman starts talking about the fans wanting the fantasy match of Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan. After another glitch, he starts ripping on the idea that Roman Reigns is THE guy to beat The Beast.

WrestleMania will go one of two ways: Brock Lesnar will eviscerate Roman Reigns, or Brock Lesnar will Ronda Rousey Reigns' ass.

Brock Lesnar is gonna murder Roman Reigns...BELIEVE THAT!

Heyman is God


Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins

J&J Security, Big Show, and Kane are at ringside.

This was a legitimately good match that showed that Reigns is capable of more offense then we're being let on to know. Rollins' goons kept trying to interject themselves, but felt the wrath of Reigns. The match ended when Randy Orton grabbed Reigns' leg as he was going for the spear. This distraction allowed Rollins to roll up Reigns for the win.

Seth Rollins def Roman Reigns

After the bell, a pissed-off Roman destroys all. He vaults the ropes to land on Rollins and his goons. After that, spears are doled out, including a particularly nasty one on Rollins.

Reigns stands tall to end.

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