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C-O-N-Spiracy Theory (Update!): Paul Heyman silenced, yet again?

One week removed from Paul Heyman's mic being cut three times, on Raw last night, it happened again. Let's discuss...

Last week on Raw, while Paul Heyman delivered yet another earth-shaking promo, something strange occurred. His microphone went silent, not once, twice, but three times!

On two different mics.

Public opinion was mostly one of three things: a simple technological hiccup, a worked-shoot, or someone backstage was truly messing with Heyman by hitting the mute button. This week, Heyman came out with the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and began to tear down the house with his words.

Then, silence.


Heyman laughed it off and used those moments to turn up his conviction that Roman Reigns has zero chance against "The Beast" at WrestleMania. In last week's recap videos, WWE edited out all three silent moments, this week they edited out only one. See for yourself...

Seems strange that one mic cut was kept in the video, while the other was not.

So, now that we're another week wiser, what's the deal? Is someone still really messing with Heyman, or did WWE simply stumble upon a storyline and is now running with it?

Sound off!

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