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John Cena returns to WWE television for a United States championship match on Raw

It was a busy day for the Face Who Runs the Place.

He started the day in his semi-regular gig as a Today Show co-host, getting tips for putting away Christmas gifts and playing trivia games. He'll be back there tomorrow morning.

But in between, he swung over to Barclays Center for his WWE television return. Cena was at a house show in Manhattan this weekend, and his mission in Brooklyn for Raw was to call out the same man he faced in Madison Square Garden - the man who beat him for the United States championship at his last televised show, October's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV).

Alberto Del Rio was not willing to face his old nemesis, and certainly not for his red, white and blue belt. But after Cena questioned his manhood and called him a "bitch", the Mexican Aristocrat angrily gave him his title match.

A referee bump prevented Cena from reclaiming the title when he submitted Del Rio, but Alberto's League of Nations allies attacked while the official was down as well. A big kick from Rusev wasn't enough to secure a three count on the man who "Never Gives Up".

More shenanigans from the heel group cleared the way for a Backstabber and the same kick which won ADR the championship in October. Cena fought back for a big AA, but Sheamus and company stormed the ring to break up the pin and trigger the disqualification.

Del Rio retained thanks to the champion's advantage, and the beat down was on as Sheamus and Rusev worked over Cena. A banged up Jimmy & Jey Uso, themselves roughed up by the League earlier is a six-man tag, distracted the heels, but they were worn down as well.

Eventually, Roman Reigns ran down to the ring to save everyone and take out the League. But Vince McMahon returned from jail and...that's another story.

But John Cena is back!

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