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GIF: Roman Reigns, chair magician

Everything's coming up Romey...even the steel chair he threw to his brother Dean Ambrose during the steel cage match that main evented last night's Raw.

As if winning the WWE title by chairshotting Sheamus' entire League of Nations stable and Triple H weren't impressive enough, the Big Dog climbed the side of the cage last night with his arm folded into a chair, then tossed it over the Celtic Warrior and the top of the fence.

This piece of furniture, which is really like a paint brush or a musical instrument in the hands of an artist like Roman Reigns, then landed on its side in the ring, sprung open when it bounced off the mat and came to rest on all four legs.


Dean would go on to use the chair to help escape the cage before the former WWE champ, winning the match and ruining Stephanie McMahon's night. Roman would spear Sheamus for good measure. But nothing will top that chair toss.

Maybe we should start calling Reigns "The Magic Man"? Which would make Dean "El Diablo" - fitting because Ambrose is like a fighting chicken, with the claws...

I'll stop now. But how 'bout that chair, though?

Props to Cagesider Dark Fox, whose FanPost of the same GIF I didn't see until after publishing this...honest!

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