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Stephanie McMahon kicked Tom Phillips' ass on WWE Raw, and Big E loved it

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If you thought Raw was over when WWE champ Roman Reigns cleaned out League of Nations so his brother Dean Ambrose could beat Sheamus, you were wrong.

Principal owner of WWE Stephanie McMahon had a bad night. She came into the evening in a good mood, but Reigns - the man who took out her husband and father last week en route to his title win - kept messing up her plans.

When it looked like he'd closed the show by spearing the Celtic Warrior, a man who was supposed to make Roman feel the pain Steph experienced by beating up one of The Big Dog's closest say McMahon was unhappy would be an understatement.

Enter poor, poor Tom Phillips...

Steph got some of her heat back, but where did that leave the backstage interviewer?

At the mercy of his nemesis Big E, who was in need of a pick-me-up after tag champs The New Day lost out on both of The Slammys they were up for - and dropped the ball on their part of McMahon's plan when E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods failed to defeat The Usos in a two-on-three handicap match earlier in the show...

With his positivity restored, the former Intercontinental champ could go back to his favorite pastime - speculating on the inappropriate Phillips might be up to in his personal time:

Somebody help Young Boy Tom!

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