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Roman Reigns wins WWE title on Raw

The return of Vince McMahon lead to a very interesting main event for tonight's Raw.

After his assault of Triple H to close TLC, the Chairman wanted an apology from Roman Reigns. He'd already sent his daughter back to corporate headquarters to deal with her recuperating husband, and he was willing to take matters in his own hands when WWE champ Sheamus offered to take care of The Big Dog.

Through some twists, turns and a kick in the nuts, Reigns got another shot at The Celtic Warrior's title. But to do so, he had to put his WWE career on the line. If Roman didn't claim the belt, he was FIRED.

It would be tough for the two combatants to top their performance on pay-per-view (PPV) the night before, but they tried. The reigning champ took control early, but after a spot on the announce table that took us to commercial, Reigns took control.

Mr. McMahon watched from ringside and cheered on Sheamus, playing the heel authority figure from days of old. It didn't take any interference for things to even up, as the men traded near falls with big spots like a second rope Samoan drop and an Irish Curse backbreaker.

Barely reaching the bottom rope to break a submission really got the Philadelphia crowd in Reigns' corner, and at that point Roman hit a head butt which busted the challenger open. A Superman punch OUT OF NOWHERE looked to end, but then Vince got involved - grabbing  the referee's leg to stop a three count.

That gave the Irishman the upperhand, but The Big Dog miraculously kicked out of White Noise. McMahon engaged the ref in a discussion, which provided an opening for League of Nations to attack. They beat Reigns down on the outside, but he overcame.

Deciding he needed to take Vince out like he did Triple H, he Superman punched Vince on the apron. That lead to a Brogue Kick, but Reigns kicked out! Sheamus set up for another one, but walked into Spear and Roman Reigns became a two-time WWE Champion.

The Roman Empire is upon us.

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