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Dolph Ziggler sends Tyler Breeze to WWE Superstars and explains the birds & bees to Tom Phillips, all in one promo

It's a bad sign when the fallout videos - usually an unscripted oasis of pro wrestling goodness even after the most tedious sports entertainment product - kind of suck.

Such was the case with the handful of post-show promos WWE released after last night's Raw. But this one, dramatically titled The Showoff gets his retribution on Prince Pretty does have a number of points worth discussing. Dolph Ziggler's chat with Tom Phillips covers at least two angles from the show, and provides conversational fodder including, but perhaps not limited to...

  • "He steals one...kid got me once" - a fitting footnote to anyone thinking that Tyler Breeze's clean Survivor Series win was anything more than Fandango over Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 30
  • "Technically, it's one to one if you want to count, but who the hell counts any more? It's about being as good as your last match" - pretty sure Dolph just described the way WWE wants us to treat wrestling on their shows, so stop paying attention to who wins and loses, and anything that happened more than a week ago.
  • This one is a paraphrase, but "Sometimes you'll come out on top of the measuring stick". You'd think Dolph would learn by now that giving himself nicknames that equate to "I'm good even though I don't win" isn't a path to the top. But at least this one sounds like a double entendre for a sex act. Speaking of which...
  • He'd never say anything other than the truth. So when one grown man asks another grown man if he went "all the way" with an adult woman he was dating, and he doesn't answer, it means THEY TOTALLY DID IT! HaHaHa
Take it from the Zig-man, who has been here for somewhere between five and seven years.

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