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WWE champ Sheamus reveals his new stable, The League of Nations

WWE on Twitter

Sheamus was already hanging out with King Barrett back when he was just a jobber with a Money in the Bank briefcase.

Rusev was a natural fit, and fans started calling the trio "EuroTrash" for the trio.

But on an episode of Raw where WWE is pulling out all the stops to establish the Celtic Warrior as a legitimate heel champion - he was introduced by The New Day for a segment where he debuted his new Stone Cold Steve Austin "Sheamus 5:15" catchphrase (a reference to how long Roman Reigns held the WWE World Heavyweight championship at Survivor Series) - his back-up is now an official group.

And with the addition of United States titleholder Alberto Del Rio, names based on Europe no longer fit.

So, behold...the League of Nations!

The group screwed Reigns out of a winning his title back tonight, but his win by disqualification when Rusev ran in means that The Usos will be a part of the tag title Triple Threat at TLC, where Roman will still have a title shot.

Not an Earth-shattering move, but I'm down, especially if it means we can more Del Rio past the MexAmerica stuff as soon as possible.

What do you think?

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