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Charlotte and Reid Flair's mother was not a fan of last night's WWE Raw closing angle

Charlotte on Instagram

This is sure to fan the flames of what is already a contentious debate...

Elizabeth Fliehr is the mother of both WWE Divas champion Charlotte (real name Ashley Fliehr) and her brother Reid Flair (real name Richard Fliehr), whose drug overdose death was referenced in story by both Charlotte and Paige last night during Monday Night Raw's last segment.

One of the issues brought up by fans and industry insiders on both sides of the argument over whether the scripted lines were appropriate, dramatically effective or good for business is the consent and approval of Charlotte, she and Reid's father, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair and their family.

While she doesn't directly answer several responses to her Tweet asking if she signed off on the script, her post certainly makes it sound like she did not.

We'll keep you posted, as this issue is bound to continue to get a lot of scrutiny.

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