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Kevin Owens will go to great lengths to avoid talking to WWE interviewers (video)

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The greatness of Kevin Owens post-show on the pre-show!

KO: Do you know at what lengths I went to try and find a spot where nobody would come bother me? I'm outside, on top of what I can only imagine is some sort of structure where they put the lights after the show, and you still found me.

Tom Phillips: Somebody told me you were back here...

KO: Who's somebody? I need a name, an address, and valid driver's ID information...

I don't like this view of the microphone. If you want to talk to me, you're at least gonna have to do your part. Come up here. There's plenty of room.

Phillips: You want me to come up? How did you even...

KO: How? I'm an athlete.

Tom Phillips Interviews Kevin Owens

EXCLUSIVE: Find out why "history didn't matter" until Kevin Owens got to WWE... #RAW

Posted by WWE on Monday, November 16, 2015

Don't skip out on the end either, or you'll miss both his concern that he'll get blamed for losing Tom's microphone and the request that he not be bothered until "at least next Monday".