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Grasping at straws in the hopes Undertaker returns to WWE on Raw tonight

We get a lot of tips at the Cageside offices regarding various pro wrestling goings on, some of which are so bat shit insane we just ignore them. Sometimes, however, we want to believe. We want to believe so very, very much.

This is one of those times.

Our own Hulk Holland sent me an e-mail a bit ago pointing me in the direction of the WWE 2K Twitter account. If you'll remember, they offered a tweet up prize last week during Raw:

Later that night, Daniel Bryan revealed he would not be retiring from professional wrestling and would, in fact, be entering the Royal Rumble match.

Earlier today, WWE 2K sent this out:

Raw is in Corpus Christi, Texas, not far from where "The Deadman" makes his home.

We're not saying Undertaker is returning to WWE tonight, but we really hope this isn't some coincidence and he'll actually be there to declare himself for WrestleMania 31. Hey, there are already rumors of a "major angle" at the show later this evening.

Stay tuned.

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