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This 'unseen footage' of Sting's debut on Raw and Brock Lesnar F-5'ing the world is great

This past Monday night's episode of Raw featured a strong closing angle that felt like a throwback to a time when multiple stories would intertwine but it never got so convoluted that you couldn't keep up. Everything fit neatly into the confines of the structure they've spent months building.

There was also a big debut of a star who no one thought would ever arrive (though he already did, but not on Raw until now), a WWE champion who continues to impress with his freakish athletic ability and otherworldly strength, and a hot crowd who couldn't get enough of it all.

This felt good.

Really good.

It feels even better without Michael Cole, JBL, and Booker T adding their two cents. That's what you get in the "unseen footage" above, released by WWE. There isn't much different than a few angles visually but the sound is enough to put it over the top.



F-5 the world.

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