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Coulda Been Betta: More Brock Lesnar -- always more Brock Lesnar

A fun edition of RAW, not by any means flawless, but WWE had a golden opportunity in its opening minutes to something to make its Champion even more of an attraction. They chose not to do so, but they coulda. And here's how...a.

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I enjoyed RAW overall last night. It wasn't the world's greatest show, but I had a hell of a lot of fun watching Hall and Nash and listening to Flair say "sport," always a crowd-pleaser, and just in general watching something a bit different. There was some "good," which in most weeks as of late, there just hasn't been much of at all. I wasn't thrilled with putting Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt out there with no attention to the history those two had at last year's Rumble, but at least Roman Reigns was booked well and the finish of the show worked HUGE. But in the opening segment, which ran way too long after starting out hot, in my head immediately popped the following alternate scenario.

First, let's realize that in this spot, John Cena and the booking to set up the main event needs to be put on hold for another spot in the show, which I know for some makes the rest of this idea null and void because the main event was important. I don't in any way think that should have been changed, just set up maybe a bit later, or else set up off the top and hold my idea for later, perhaps 9 ET.

Lesnar comes out and talks in place of Paul and threatens Rollins and wants him in the ring. I like it. I like that for Lesnar's character because it simply makes sense for his attitude and the way he should react to conflict or a potential double-cross. So I'm with it so far, but let's hold off on bringing H and Stephanie out until after the first commercial break.

Last year we saw Occupy RAW with Daniel Bryan and while that wouldn't have been right for Lesnar, what would have been perfect is for Brock to Occupy RAW and grind the show to a halt all by himself. He keeps up the threats and continues to call out Rollins and nothing happens. Then for whatever reason, guys start running out from the back, one at a time, then later two at a time, and these are lower card guys and enhancement guys and even Indy guys out there in security outfits. As they enter, some eat at F-5, some eat a German and an F-5, some take a vicious clothesline, some are manhandled, maybe one has his arm broken.

Brock fights them all off like it's some kind of King of the Hill (Bobby) scenario. It goes to break with Lesnar standing tall and Cole, Booker, and JBL questioning whether or not there will even be a RAW if Rollins doesn't succumb to the Beast's demands. The show comes back from break with some nobody being annihilated and within somewhere around 30 seconds, the Authority music hits.

They come out and plead their case from the floor and Brock simply doesn't want to hear it. Paul even starts begging Lesnar to listen to reason and just call off the war for one night and wait for Sunday. He'll have his shot at Seth within the confines of a match in front of a worldwide audience. Still Brock looks as if he's ready to tear the entire building down.

Then comes one final threat, this time from Stephanie McMahon. She simply says, Brock, leave now, leave within ten seconds, or you won't be involved in the Title match at the Royal Rumble because you'll no longer be Champion AND you'll no longer be a WWE Superstar. Brock looks blankly at the power structure of the company and does finally leave the ring, walking directly past H and Steph as he heads up the ramp, not making eye contact and having to hold his emotions in check.

After all, it was the great Lance Storm saying this on Twitter as the show concluded:

Lance on Lesnar

If I could be serious for a moment, amen Lance, and I'm not sure how much longer we're going to get the chance to see it, so tonight could have been an awesome time for the rise (and immediate fall) of the barrage of bump monkeys sent out to the slaughter in that opening segment.

Then, WWE runs the same show they planned tonight. Set up Cena in the same stipulation for the main event and still do the Sting thing. Then, once it's done, RAW concludes...

Exactly the same way it did, with Lesnar coming out and dropping Big Show and trying to get to Seth Rollins, probably also laying out John Cena in the process.

Nothing really changes, but you make Brock look like an unstoppable machine in advance of whatever the company has planned on Sunday night. You make it clear he's not on the same page with anybody, maybe even his own manager, and he's standing tall at the end of RAW once Sting departs.



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