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X-Pac added to Raw Reunion show

With his legal issues resolvedKevin Nash had his suspension lifted and his invitation to Monday's Raw Reunion show re-extended.  Addind Big Sexy to the guest list meant that The Outsiders would be there, being that Scott Hall is also slated to appear - and set up another nWo meet-up to build off of the one that happened for Hulk Hogan's birthday bash in the SummerSlam 2014 build. has put another name on the list - and it's one that gives us another interesting reunion.  Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman will be in Dallas on January 19, 2015, and that means that all five members of The Kliq will be on the same episode of Raw.  In addition to Nash and Hall, Shawn Michaels was also previously announced, and Triple H will be there in his regular role.

The five friends formed a real-life backstage faction in mid-1990s WWF and held considerable sway over Creative.  In one of their most famous acts, they broke kayfabe at Madison Square Garden in the last Federation event for Nash and Hall before they left for WCW.  Disregarding their heel and face characters, the Hunter and Michaels joined their friends for a farewell salute.  Triple H was punished for taking the act farther than Vince McMahon was okay with, and dropped down the card for a while.

The real-life group became the impetus for two of the defining factions of the Attitude Era, the nWo and D-Generation X.

Are you looking forward to The Kliq getting the band back together?  And should any WWE talent be on the lookout for a burial?

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