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Kurt Angle has an issue with Paul Heyman's WWE Raw promo from January 12, 2015

On last night's episode of WWE Raw, Paul Heyman cut a promo designed to put his client, Brock Lesnar's, opponent in their place.

To let Seth Rollins and John Cena know how wide the gap was between the current WWE World Heavyweight Champ's résumé and their own, the Advocate stated that Lesnar is the only man who can boast that he's been NCAA amateur wrestling champ, an undisputed UFC Heavyweight champ and an undisputed WWE champ.  Further, Heyman claimed, no one else can even claim two of the three.

Enter Olympic gold medalist and TNA contracted star Kurt Angle:

Both men, have a point and the issue hinges - as most things that lawyers like Heyman spit out do - on a technicality.  Paul specified "undisputed" WWE champ:

While Kurt held both the WWE and the World Heavyweight Championship during his time in the 'E, he never held both simultaneously, nor has he ever held the belt Brock currently carries.

So technically Heyman is right, but Kurt got a chance to remind us that his list of accomplishments is impressive.

Damn impressive.

Satisfied, Cagesiders?

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