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WWE apologizes for treatment of Russian flag on Raw

During last night's episode of Monday Night Raw in Chicago, WWE ran an angle that featured Rusev and Lana cutting a promo in front of a large Russian flag. This is customary for their characters. Big Show, currently engaged in issues with the two, interrupted to propose a fight. When he ran down to the ring to follow up, Rusev and Lana bailed, leaving Show in the ring with the aforementioned large Russian flag.

Here's what happened next:

That would be Show ripping the flag down and tossing it to the side in a show of disrespect to the Russian sympathizers. This is a fairly basic angle for a babyface to take to get at a heel character whose entire identity is based in his love of country.

Still, WWE issued an apology today for having done this:

We at WWE would like to apologize to the Russian people for the incident on Monday Night Raw that could have been construed as disrespect for their nation's flag.

Despite the politically correct mea culpa, the video is obviously still up and photos of the "incident" remain available on the company website.

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