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GIF: Dean Ambrose is more committed than John Cena

Not that you care, but I took the night off from Cageside last night to watch my beloved Chicago Bears go into New York and eek out a 27-19 win over the Jets on Monday Night Football. It was only just today that I was able to check in on Monday Night Raw and two things immediately stuck out:

1. Seth Rollins stole a car
2. Dean Ambrose is more committed than John Cena

This was evidenced by the GIF you see here, via


It would be a real shame if no one in the greater Memphis area called the police last night after watching the show to report Rollins for grand theft auto. It really would.

The bigger point here is the stark difference in Ambrose and Cena's pursuits. Ambrose jumps into the back with reckless abandon, unconcerned for his own personal well being. That's how much it means to him to get his hands on Rollins, the dirty traitor who tried to take him out after breaking up their brotherhood.

And Cena? Oh, he's just casually jogging and lamely attempting to open the door before fading back quietly as soon as Rollins drives away. Meanwhile, Dean is bumping out of moving vehicles.

It feels like the star roles should be reversed, doesn't it?

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