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Fan claims he was kicked out of Raw for 'I could be home watching Nitro for $9.99' sign; blasts WWE

Early in the night, fans watching Monday Night Raw on USA last night in Des Moines, Iowa likely noticed a fan holding up a sign that read "I could be home watching Nitro ... for $9.99". You could argue that's inflammatory, of course, but it's also a clever play on the WWE Network and the company's chosen method of promoting it.

That fan is now claiming he was kicked out of the arena at some point during the evening and he's been blasting WWE ever since.

From Reddit (sic):

"I got threatened with arrest. They tried getting my id for records. Fuck the entire company. They kicked me out because of the sign. It's fine that I got kicked out but trying to bully me. Bring it. ... They came up to me at about 9pm and we're like give me the signs. I was like which one. They took one of the three I had and walked away 2 minutes later came back with a big black guy in a suit and asked me to follow them. Which I didn't told them to fuck off. Which they threatened me with arrest and I laughed in their face. After about 5 minutes of time being assholes I walked to th e area where they sell everything and tried talking to them. All I got was surrounded by dick heads in suits telling me WWE didn't like me and wanted me gone. I refused to leave and begged them to bring the Des Moines police department so I could be taken to jail and they wouldn't. I walked down out on my own free will after being fed up with the bullshit fuck the WWE and their bullying."

Taking derogatory signs from fans is a common practice. This sometimes leading to said fans getting kicked out of the building is also a possibility. That said, it's hard to tell what exactly was so bad about this particular sign. Sure, it's a clever little dig at promotional tactics fans have grown tired of, but the sign itself acts as promotion for the Network.

Why not just let it ride?

In an interesting aside, the Wrestling Observer is reporting this fan was on TV for the entire show. So while the sign may have been taken, apparently he wasn't kicked out.

How do you feel about this, Cagesiders?


What a bizarre story.

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