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WWE Raw results, live blog (Sept. 1, 2014): Ruthless aggression

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Sept. 1, 2014) from the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Night of Champions pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for later on this month in Nashville.

Advertised for tonight: John Cena is back to his ruthless aggressive self, maybe, and Randy Orton joins Chris Jericho on "The Highlight Reel"!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



BaconStrips here. Grab a beverage and get ready for the insanity!


Broadcast is live.

We start with Chris Jericho in the ring for the Highlight Reel.

He is introducing Randy Orton in his own special way when Triple H's music starts. Triple H, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, and Kane come out to the ring.

Chris Jericho starts smack-talking Orton when Kane interrupts. Trips interrupts and makes fun of Jericho and says he has business to conduct. Jericho responds and brings up the incident  when Stephanie McMahon was arrested before SummerSlam. Trips and Jericho then start making fun of each other's wardrobe choices.

Triple H then proclaims this as "the most important Highlight Reel in history", and starts discussing how he has reviewed the John Cena/Brock Lesnar match from SummerSlam. After a $9.99 shill, Trips proclaims that a rematch would not be "best for business" and is contemplating a new contender for Lesnar's title at Night of Champions.

Jericho responds with another Network shill and then asks Trips who the next contender is. Randy Orton starts to put himself over as that contender and says that "he has earned everything he has gotten." He also puts over Kane as a potential contender. Seth Rollins then interrupts to a pop from his hometown crowd. He says that "maybe the future has already arrived" and puts himself over as a contender. Jericho follows suit and puts himself as a contender.

A second later, John Cena comes out to join the segment, and he immediately starts firing back to Triple H's plan. He references his history with Trips (which includes another Network shill) and how his rematch clause was already authorized. He then threatens Triple H with a lawsuit if his rematch clause is ignored and what would happen if Cena were to become COO. He also puts over that he will beat Lesnar's ass at Night of Champions

"Hustle, Loyalty, Respect, Lawsuit" - Triple H in regards to a new Cena t-shirt

Trips fires back at Cena telling him that he knows how to do his job and what not.

Seth interjects and tells Trips to allow Cena to have his rematch because Seth could get his opportune moment. Randy then supports Seth's idea. Randy's support then causes Jericho to fire back at Randy and his many failed title shots. Randy angrily fires back at Jericho

Roman Reigns enters the ring now and tells Randy to "drop me." Roman then starts talking smack to The Authority, eventually saying that his name belongs in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship chase.

To finish this segment, Triple H makes a six-man tag match with Cena/Jericho/Orton vs Orton/Rollins/THEDEMONKANE to see who can prove himself worth for a title shot. Trips also says that he'll be at ringside.

As the segment ends, Seth tries to get a cheap shot on Roman, but Roman nails Seth with a punch, then throws his Money in the Bank briefcase.


Big Show/Mark Henry vs Erick Rowan/Luke Harper is announced for tonight (over 1,400 lbs in the ring!)

Sheamus/Dolph Ziggler vs Cesaro/The Miz is next


Sheamus/Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz/Cesaro (with Damien Mizdow and a makeup artist)

We start with some chain wrestling between Ziggler and Cesaro until Cesaro takes control and mocks Ziggler by delivering his quick elbows. Ziggler retakes control with a dropkick and goes after Miz, who retreats to his director's chair where he gets a makeup touch-up and some water.

This distraction allows Cesaro to regain control and tag Miz in, who goes right to work on Ziggler. Ziggler tries to retake control, but fails when Miz escapes to protect The Moneymaker. Ziggler tags Sheamus in, who goes after Miz and throws him back into the ring. Despite a bit of offense from Miz, Sheamus takes full control. Cesaro is tagged in and delivers a dropkick to Sheamus as we go to break.

We come back with Cesaro in control of Sheamus and Miz getting more makeup applied. Sheamus tries to regain control, but eats a bridging fall-away slam from Cesaro for two. Sheamus gains control and hits the battering ram on Cesaro. Ziggler and The Miz are tagged in, and Ziggler goes crazy on Miz. Cesaro breaks a pin attempt from Ziggler, causing Sheamus to tackle Cesaro out of the ring. After a few seconds, The Miz bails from the ring and tags in Mizdown, who enters the ring despite referee discouragement. Mizdow then eats a Zig Zag from Ziggler. However, Miz enters and takes advantage of the situation to hit Ziggler with the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Cesaro/Miz defeats Sheamus/Dolph Ziggler by pinfall


Recap of last week's segment involving the Bella Twins. We then get a segment called "Growing Up Bella" with Nikki talking about how Brie stole one of her teenage crushes.


Cameron/Rosa Mendes/Eva Marie vs Slayomi (Summer Rae, Layla, Naomi)

Layla keeps control of Rosa until a pin attempt is broken by Cameron. Layla attacks Cameron, sparking a brawl between all of the participants. The match ends in a double DQ.


Big Show/Mark Henry vs Erick Rowan/Luke Harper

Henry and Rowan start with some grappling until Henry takes control. Henry maintains control until Harper distracts him on the second rope, allowing Rowan to take Henry's leg out from under him. Harper is tagged in and nails Henry with a big boot as we go to break.

We come back from break with Rowan in control of Henry. After an attempted double big boot, Rowan shoves Henry to the heel corner, allowing Harper to be tagged in. As Harper is beating on Henry, Rusev and Lana come out to the ring. Sometime during their entrance, Henry takes Harper down, allowing Big Show to get tagged in. Big Show cleans house and follows Harper outside, but crashes and burns during an attempted spear/shoulder block.

After Big Show reenters, Harper retakes control, goes for a pin, and tags Rowan in, who reestablishes control of Big Show, eventually leading to Rowan body slamming Show.

After a botched DDT, Big Show is able to tag Henry in. As Henry cleans house, Big Show and Erick Rowan battle to the outside, leaving Henry and Harper in the ring. However, as Henry attempts the World Strongest Slam, Rusev enters and delivers DAT KICK to Henry, leading to the DQ.

Big Show/Mark Henry defeats Erick Rowan/Luke Harper by DQ


More "Growing Up Bella." This time, Nikki talks about when Brie stole her drivers license and car and got into an accident. Long story short, Brie pinned the accident on Nikki.


Former St. Louis Rams player Michael Sam is invited to next week's Raw to tell his story.

There is a recap of the Cena/Lesnar stuff from last week.


Paul Heyman is introduced and comes out.

He states that he is authorized to talk about John Cena's "overcompensatory behavior."

He then recaps how Lesnar "emasculated" Cena at SummerSlam. He also talks about how Cena hasn't listened to reason since his return to Raw and why Cena rolled through the Wyatts last week. Cena's status as WWE's cash cow is also brought up and used as fuel for Heyman's promo.

He puts over the upcoming rematch between Brock Lesnar at John Cena at Night of Champions.


Jack Swagger (with Zeb Coulter) vs Curtis Axel

Before the match, we get a recap of SmackDown when Bo Dallas interfered in Swagger's match with Rusev, costing Swagger the match.

We start with Swagger taking immediate control of Axel. During the match, Bo Dallas comes out and brings three chairs to the stage. He then calls three members of the audience to those chairs.

As Bo sets up, Axel takes control of the match for a while. However, Swagger retakes control and locks in the Patriot Lock for the win.

Jack Swagger defeats Curtis Axel by submission

After the match, Bo congratulates Swagger on his victory. Bo then introduces a few of the 318 million Americans who were let down by Swagger's loss to Rusev at SummerSlam. One of these Americans is Ritchie, who lost everything after betting for Swagger at SummerSlam. Angelo is then introduced as an immigrant who failed his citizenship test due to Swagger losing. Finally, Jennifer is introduced, and it is revealed that Jennifer's son wants to be like Vladimir Putin.

After the introductions, Bo requests everyone to stand up and say "All you have to do is BO-LIEVE!!!"


Adam Rose vs Titus O'Neill (with Heath Slater)

Titus takes control early.

During the match, as Heath Slater is cheering on Titus, The Bunny comes out to cheer on Rose until Slater kicks The Bunny. However, The Bunny snaps and beats the tar out of Slater. This distraction allows Rose to pick up the win.

Adam Rose defeats Titus O'Neill by pinfall

Adan Rose and The Bunny send Slater into the steps post-match.


Even more "Growing Up Bella." This time, Nikki talks about how Brie asked Nikki to take her high school finals for her. "Brie" passed with flying colors. "Nikki"...not so much.


Promo for "Attitude Week" on the WWE Network


Rusev vs Zack Ryder

Before the match, Lana cuts a promo about Labor Day and how Russia celebrates a "Day of Knowledge" on the same day. She also says "You suck"

Ryder tries to get some offense in, but Rusev overpowers him and delivers DAT KICK. Rusev then locks in The Accolade for the victory.

Rusev defeats Zack Ryder by submission

After the match, Mark Henry comes out to get revenge on Rusev for DAT KICK, but Rusev high-tails it out of the ring. Henry then taunts Rusev on the mic. He says that he's scared about what he's going to do to Rusev.

Henry then tells everyone that he has just opened an international wing in the Hall of Pain, and Rusev is going to be the first inductee.


Backstage segment with Triple H and Stephanie and they're discussing the "Growing Up Bella" segments and how Steph's door is always open for any employees with issues. Steph then states that she has an announcement to make that should put a great expression on Nikki's face.


Stephanie McMahon comes out to the ring for an announcement.

She says that she has come out to commend Nikki Bella for overcoming adversity and telling her story. Nikki comes out to join Steph.

Nikki thanks Steph for the opportunity to get a lot of things off of her mind. Steph then paints Brie as a person who has taken advantage of Nikki throughout the years, and professes that she's proud of Nikki. As a result, Steph grants Nikki a match for the Divas Championship.

After this announcement, Brie comes out and confronts Nikki, asking her if all of her acts are due to her wanting a Divas Championship shot. Nikki responds by continuing her verbal thrashing of Brie that was started last week.

While Nikki goes on, AJ Lee comes out and states that she is the only true contender for the Divas Title. She then asks Steph to grant her the rematch that she has been waiting for.

After AJ asks for her rematch, Paige comes out to the ring and introduces herself as "the bloody Divas Champion." Nikki interrupts and offers to forgive Brie if and only if she will quit the company. Nikki then pressures Brie to quit by screaming at her nonstop. Brie responds by shoving Nikki, who flies into Paige.

After Brie leaves, AJ picks up the Divas Title, eyes it, and skips around the ring. She is stopped by Stephanie, who asks for the Divas Championship from AJ. Steph then gives the title back to Paige as AJ leaves the ring.


MizTV featuring Dolph Ziggler advertised for tomorrow's Main Event.

Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt in a steel cage on the next Raw.


Bray Wyatt cuts a promo about their upcoming steel cage match. Bray tells Jericho that "it's time to pay for your sins."


Jimmy Uso vs Goldust

Before the match, a recap of last week's heel turn on the part of the Dust Bros is shown. Also before the match, Goldust tries to apologize for last week's actions, but the Usos attack Gold and Stardust.

Goldust takes early control of Jimmy Uso. After a little back-and-forth action that includes Jimmy jumping to the outside to help his brother, Goldust regains control and hits Jimmy with the Final Cut for the victory.

Goldust defeats Jimmy Uso by pinfall

After the match, Gold and Stardust continue their beatdown of Jey Uso's bad leg.


Recap of Seth Rollins curb stomping Dean Ambrose into cinder blocks. We also get a recap of Seth attempting to curb stomp Roman Reigns into the cinder blocks.


Promo for the season premiere of Total Divas


Backstage segment with Big Show and Mark Henry discussing how to handle Rusev. Big Show gives Henry a pep talk.

Triple H and Stephanie take their seats for the main event

Paige vs Brie Bella announced for SmackDown. Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns is also announced for next week's Raw.


Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, and Kane vs John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Chris Jericho

We start with Randy and Roman in the ring. They trade blows while a loud "We want Rollins" chant rings through the arena. Roman establishes control and brings Seth into the ring to beat on him for a bit after an attempted cheap shot. Randy attempts to stop this beatdown, but is thrown out of the ring by Roman as we go to break.

We come back from break with Roman and Kane going at it. Kane takes control and tags in Randy Orton, who takes quick control. Although Roman tries to retake control, Randy stops that attempt with a top rope backbreaker. Randy then tags in Seth, who continues to beat on Roman.

The heels maintain control until Roman is able to take advantage of a counter and tag Jericho in. Jericho cleans house and locks the Walls of Jericho on Seth until Randy breaks the hold. After Randy breaks the hold, Roman hits him with a Superman Punch, Kane hits Roman with a Chokeslam, Cena hits Kane with an Attitude Adjustment, and Jericho hits Seth with a Codebreaker as we go to another break.

We return from break with Jericho and Randy going at it. Seth is tagged in and takes control of Jericho until eating a dropkick during a flying maneuver. However, Jericho is unable to take advantage due to Kane being tagged in. This allows the heels to reestablish control until Jericho hits a top-rope crossbody.

Despite Kane's attempts, Jericho tags in Cena. Cena clears the ring and hits an AA on Kane. Cena then tags Roman, who then hits Kane with a spear for the win.

Cena/Jericho/Reigns defeats Orton/Rollins/Kane by pinfall

After the match, Cena AAs Seth onto the announce table and tells Triple H that he's ready for Night of Champions.

The babyfaces celebrate to end the show.


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