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Roman Reigns injured on Raw; watch video of him getting staples put into his head

Roman Reigns worked a Last Man Standing match with Kane at the open of last night's episode of Monday Night Raw in Austin, Texas. He was injured in the process, suffering a cut on his head that required six staples to close. has the word:

"We brought Roman Reigns back to the trainer's room after he sustained a laceration to his forehead when his forehead hit the ring post," said WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann. "We cleaned him up real well and put in six staples to close the wound. He's going to be cleared for SmackDown on Friday."

From watching the match, you can hardly tell he was cut. He doesn't appear to be bleeding at any point and it certainly didn't hinder his ability to finish the match.

And, because we know you're dying to watch the doctors put those staples in his head, you can check it out below:


Bonus Reigns selfie after the incident:

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