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WWE Raw results, live blog (Aug. 25, 2014): John Cena returns; Hogan, Michaels, Flair do too

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Aug. 25, 2014) from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Night of Champions pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for next month in Nashville.

Advertised for tonight: Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair are back to have a "Hall of Fame Forum" on the upcoming Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena match at Night of Champions. Speaking of which, Cena returns!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



BaconStrips here. Grab a beverage and get ready to enjoy the insanity.


Broadcast is live.

We start the show with Michael Cole in the ring to host the WWE Hall of Fame Forum. He then introduces Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels.

Cole then starts the discussing regarding the rematch of John Cena and Brock Lensar at Night of Champions. He first asks Michaels about Cena's chances against Lesnar.

"His chances aren't good because it ain't happening" - Michaels

Michaels then states that Cena is at a crossroads in his career, and he alludes to Cena retiring soon.

Hogan replies and says that Cena has a lot left in the tank.

Flair says that all three Hall of Famers think the world of Cena, and he doesn't see Cena coming out of Night of Champions as the winner.

All three then debate about who will actually win the rematch at Night of Champions. While they debate, Cena makes his triumphant return to Raw. He professes his respect toward all three Hall of Famers before stating that he is sick of all the talk about him, and he says that he will clear it up.

Cena recaps his beatdown at SummerSlam, calling it a "100% beatdown." After this, he tells Michaels that the beatdown changed him and caused him to want to face Lesnar again, only this time, he promises to "bring the fight to Brock Lesnar." He also says that this rematch is the biggest of his career, and he promises to "beat Brock Lesnar's ass" at Night of Champions. He then leaves the ring to close the segment.


Promo for WCW Monday Nitro on the WWE Network. It will appear next week!


Jack Swagger vs Rusev

Before the match, we get a recap of their match at SummerSlam, and JBL professes how sick that match made him.

We start with Swagger taking early control of Rusev. He attempts to lock in the Patriot Lock early, but Rusev slips out of the ring. After Rusev escapes the ring a second time, Swagger follows and continues beating on him. Rusev takes control after throwing Swagger onto the ropes. He then hits Swagger's injured ribs as we head to break.

As we come back from break, Rusev has Swagger in a bearhug. Rusev then hits Swagger with a flying kick after Swagger breaks the bearhug. Swagger takes advantage with a belly-to-belly slam after Rusev panders to the crowd. This allows Swagger to build momentum and hit his comeback moves. He then locks in the Patriot Lock after countering an attempted counter to the Swagger Bomb. Rusev is able to escape the ring again and retake advantage when Swagger follows him outside.

When Rusev reenters the ring, Lana tells Rusev to CRUUUUUUSH. However, as he attempts to lock in The Accolade, Swagger attempts the Patriot Lock again, but is forced to convert it into a jackknife pin for two. Rusev then assaults Swagger's injured ribs for a long time. As a result of the assault on the ribs, the referee stops the match and awards the victory to Rusev

Rusev defeats Jack Swagger by TKO


Jack Swagger is back in the trainer's room getting his ribs iced. Bo Dallas enters and gives Swagger a condescending pep talk. This pisses Swagger off.


Rob Van Dam vs Cesaro (United States Championship #1 Contender Match)

Sheamus is at the commentary table for this match.

Cesaro takes some early control, but RVD reverses the momentum and hits the Rolling Thunder for a two count. Cesaro retakes control with some strikes which force RVD to the corner. During this, Cesaro hits the jumping double stomp on RVD's back.

RVD retakes control and attempts the Five Star Frog Splash, but Cesaro rolls out of the ring. After hanging RVD's neck from the ropes, Cesaro reenters and hits RVD with the Neutralizer for the win.

Cesaro defeats Rob Van Dam by pinfall to become #1 contender to the United States Championship

After the match, Cesaro and Sheamus have a staredown. Cesaro then throws the US Title at Sheamus and runs away.


The announcers put over "Attitude Era Week" on the WWE Network, which will take place next week and features some famous Raw episodes from the Attitude Era, some Monday Nitro, and other goodies.

Paige skips to the ring for her match, which is after the commercial.


Paige vs Natalya

Paige NAILS Natalya early on with a hard forearm and then skips around the ring. She follows that up with her freaky mounted headbutts and an abdominal stretch. Natalya counters into her own abdominal stretch, which Paige counters easily.

Natalya hits Paige with a great German Suplex and then locks in the Sharpshooter, which Paige eventually escapes. Paige then attempts the Scorpion Crosslock, but is reversed into another Sharpshooter attempt, which Paige escapes. Paige then hits the Paige Turner for the win.

Paige defeats Natalya by pinfall

After the match, AJ comes out and distracts Paige. Natalya then nails Paige with a lariat. AJ comes into the ring with a mic and cuts a typical "frenemy" promo. AJ gives Paige a hug, causing Paige to become visibly disturbed. AJ then kisses Paige's hand, again causing Paige to become disturbed.


Kane comes out to take part in a eulogy for Dean Ambrose. He then introduces Seth Rollins, who is decked out in the black-on-black look.

Seth takes his place at the podium. He then reemphasizes that he was the true leader of The Shield and there was a reason that he picked Ambrose for The Shield, and that reason was because he was a "courageous fighter." However, he had to prove to Ambrose that The Authority always wins.

We get a recap of the end of last week's Falls Count Anywhere match between Ambrose and Rollins.

We return from replay and Seth is laughing like a maniac. He recounts the moment that he gave the Curb Stomp to Ambrose on the cinder blocks. He then says that the cinder blocks and Dean Ambrose's headache were "no accident." This leads to Seth asking a bunch of "what if" questions that we will never know the answer to.

"It is HIGHLY likely that you will never see Dean Ambrose again." - Seth Rollins

He puts himself over as the one who created and destroyed The Shield. After this statement, Roman Reigns comes through the crowd to confront Seth. However, Kane meets Roman outside of the ring and they brawl for a little bit. After taking Kane down, Roman enters the ring and begins to brawl with Seth. Roman gets the upper hand and nails Seth with the podium. As Roman goes for the spear, Kane pulls Seth out of the ring and they high-tail it to the back.


Recap of the opening segment.

The Dust Brothers cut one of their usual insane promos, this time putting over their title match against The Usos, which is next.


Goldust/Stardust vs The Usos (WWE Tag Team Championship)

We start with Stardust and Jimmy Uso. The Usos take early control against Stardust as Jey is tagged in. However, as we go to break, the Dusts take control with their flying apron-to-floor maneuvers.

We return with Stardust in control of one of the Usos. Despite the Uso breaking the hold and hitting an enziguri, Stardust is able to tag in Goldust, who takes control. Control is maintained until Goldust and the Uso collide in the middle of the ring. This allows for Uso #2 and Stardust to be tagged in. Jey takes control from the hot tag and hits his usual moves. However, after USO CRAZY, Jey sells a leg injury. This leads to the Dust Bros getting a win due to a count-out.

The Usos defeats The Dust Bros by count-out

However, Goldust takes the mic and demands for the match to be restarted. When the Usos refuse, the Dust Bros start beating on the Usos, turning heel.

That was unexpected.


Backstage, Kane and a very pissed-off Seth Rollins plot against Roman Reigns. Kane books a handicap match, putting Roman against both Kane and Seth Rollins and promises that "their business with Roman Reigns ends tonight."

After that is an interview with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Lesnar recounts his conquering of John Cena. Lesnar and Heyman then address Cena invoking his rematch clause, calling it "embarrassing for Brock Lesnar" and a "bad mistake." Lesnar then addresses John directly, telling him that he isn't going to get up after their match at Night of Champions.

"John Cena, mark my words. Night of Champions is going to be your last night in this over." - Brock Lesnar


Rob Van Dam vs Seth Rollins announced for Main Event.


Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz Damien Mizdow

Miz cuts a quick promo about his trip to Disneyland and how great it is being a "Hollywood movie star." He also has his own stunt double, Damien Mizdow, who will compete for him tonight.

Mizdow eats an instant dropkick for a two-count. The match goes back-and-forth for a while until Mizdow takes down Ziggler. Mizdown then locks in a Figure Four on Ziggler for a little bit. The Figure Four is broken and Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for the win.

Dolph Ziggler defeats Damien Mizdow by pinfall


Jerry Lawler is in the ring to moderate the Bella segment. He introduces Nikki, who moves her chair far away from Brie's chair. Brie is then introduced.

The Bella immediately start bickering about their entrance music. Brie then starts talking about her relationship with Nikki, among other things. She apologizes to Nikki about something.

Nikki then replies to Brie, saying that her apology was "the biggest load of crap that she has ever heard." She then starts ripping into Brie and her insincerity and "knowing the real [Brie]."

Nikki then says that "she's so done" with everything and starts ripping on everyone, including the crowd, Daniel Bryan, and Brie herself. She continues ripping on Brie for a long time, including referencing the various handicap matches that Brie caused when she quit.

Nikki then says "STAY OUT OF IT OLD MAN!!!" to an intervening Lawler, who high-tails it out of the ring.

"As far as I'm concerned, I have no sister...I wish you died in the womb!" - Nikki Bella

Nikki starts to beat on Brie. Lawler tries to separate them, but he eats a slap for his troubles. Nikki then beats on Brie more until they are finally separated by Lawler and some referees.

Brie is left crying in the ring.


Kane/Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns

Roman starts by tossing Kane out of the ring and pulling Seth into the ring. Roman beats on Seth until Kane breaks it up. Seth is tagged in and takes control of Roman, but this control is short-lived as Roman starts to overpower both Seth and Kane. Roman delivers the apron dropkick to Kane, and readies himself for the Superman Punch. Although Kane attempts to counter the Superman Punch, Roman breaks it and hits the spear.

As Roman attempts to pin Kane, Seth hits Roman with the briefcase, causing a DQ

Roman Reigns defeats Kane/Seth Rollins by DQ

After the DQ, Seth and Kane beat the hell out of Roman. As Seth attempts to give Roman the Curb Stomp into the cinder blocks, Roman overpowers both Kane and Seth, eventually ending in Seth dodging a thrown cinder block. The segment ends with Kane eating a Superman Punch.


Bray Wyatt cuts one of his usual promos about his match with John Cena.


Los Matadores vs Slater Gator

Matador 1 takes control early against Heath Slater and tags in Matador 2, who takes control of Slater. After a bit, Slater hits one of the Matadores with a kick for a two-count. Titus O'Neill is tagged in, beats down the Matador, and argues with Slater before tagging him back in.

After a bit, Titus tags himself back in and continues beating the Matador. Heath is tagged back in, but eats a crucifix pin by the Matador.

Los Matadores defeat Slater Gator by pinfall


Kofi Kingston vs Bo Dallas

Bo goes for a handshake, but is denied by Kofi. Kofi then takes early control of Bo, but is stopped by a hard knee from Bo. Despite the knee, Kofi retakes control over Bo until he is pushed off of the top turnbuckle. The Running Bo-Dog earns Bo the win.

Bo Dallas defeats Kofi Kingston by pinfall

After the match, Bo cuts his usual post-match BO-LIEVE promo while referencing Jack Swagger's failure. Swagger, taking offense to the promo, nails Bo with his powerslam to end the segment.


Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel will feature Randy Orton on the next Raw.


John Cena vs Bray Wyatt

Cena starts with a head of steam, knocking down Bray with a huge clothesline. Cena then hits Bray with a German Suplex and starts dancing like Shane McMahon. At this point, Cena is thoroughly in control of Bray. The match ends when Luke Harper and Erick Rowan come in to beat down Cena. However, Big Show and Mark Henry come down to make the save, which leads to...


Big Show, Mark Henry, and John Cena vs The Wyatt Family

We come back from commercial with Big Show in control of Erick Rowan. Mark Henry is tagged in and eats a boot from Rowan for a two-count. This leads to a very pissed Bray Wyatt coming in to beat down Henry. Luke Harper then comes into continue the control to a huge "Sexual Chocolate" chant. Harper maintains control until Henry nails Harper with a boot.

Big Show is tagged in and eventually eats a dropkick from Harper and a boot from Rowan.  The Wyatts keep control with frequent tags until Big Show chokeslams Bray. Cena is tagged in and goes nuts on everything in sight. Cena locks Harper into the STF, leading to the tap-out.

Big Show, Mark Henry, and John Cena defeat The Wyatt Family

After the bell, all three Wyatts eat Attitude Adjustments.


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