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New WWE championship title reportedly debuting with Brock Lesnar on Raw tonight

Brock Lesnar did what Paul Heyman said he would do and victimized John Cena in the main event of SummerSlam last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. He won the WWE world heavyweight championship title in what amounted to a squash match.

Now, according to a report from PW Insider, one that matches with rumors floating around, there is a planned segment on tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw in Las Vegas where the new WWE title will be introduced and presented to Brock. Yes, that would be the same title bearing the new company logo that popped up in leaked pictures a couple weeks ago.

In addition, it would appear as though there will, in fact, only be one title moving forward and the Big Gold Belt is going away. There were rumors of that being the case when John Cena handed it off to Ric Flair on Raw and told him to "keep it" weeks ago, but it kept coming back on television.

When TMZ caught up with Lesnar late last night, he hinted at merging the titles:

"I ain't carrying two freaking belts around, are you kidding me? That ain't happening."

Make sure you follow along with tonight's episode of Raw by clicking here.

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