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Triple H wins ... always

When Triple H announced John Cena would be defending the WWE world heavyweight championship in a Fatal 4-Way match against Randy Orton, Kane, and Roman Reigns at the upcoming Battleground pay-per-view (PPV) on Sun., July 20, 2014, at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa, Florida, the immediate reaction was to search for logic.

After all, why would he insert Reigns into the picture when that would seem counterintuitive? If the idea is to put the title back on Orton, why add Reigns to the match to gum up the works?

Then Monday Night Raw played out last night in Montreal and during the course of it, a hierarchy was clearly established with Reigns challenging Cena's status within it. In short, it's become less and less about Cena battling Orton or Kane and more and more about Reigns looking to usurp Cena as the top dog in the yard.

Triple H, in the midst of all this:

Don't you just love a good evil overlord?

Considering Cena's track record of success against both Orton and Kane, and his decided lack thereof with Reigns, this is the perfect play here, right? And when Triple H smugly declares it "best for business", he also means that on a literal level. Reigns is best for the story, and he's best for the selling of the actual event.

Because who the hell wants to watch Cena vs. Orton vs. Kane in 2014?

TL;DR: Triple H wins ... always.

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