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Coulda Been Betta: Seth and Dean's Excellent Adventure

Taking what remains the most entertaining feud in WWE and making Monday's usage of both participants a bit more sensible.

Well, that was quite the three hour WWE Network infomercial now wasn't it folks? Between ads, there were some good wrestling matches, some atrocious acting (holy cow Layla, that was iconic in its awfulness), several blown spots, a crowd that was red hot and ended up fatigued for the entire third hour, and Damien Sandhart.

Roman Reigns speaks like he works. He speaks in prepared soundbites. He works in "soundbites" as well. Right now, he's built for a hot tag. He's over enormously, but this guy remains a work in progress. The sky is absolutely the limit though. I also give WWE credit though for the opening with Kane. I have no interest in Kane on my television in a wrestling capacity and I'm now down for one TV match with those two.

I call them "Jericho Lulls." I have for many years. It's the phenomenon that has taken place in Jericho matches since 1997. Once the match goes to the heat, particularly if Jericho is on offense, the crowd sits on its hands. It happens in main events on PPV as well as TV matches and it's back yet again. It's strange because the people aren't bored, they just get quiet. Watch going'll see it.

Long con with Paige/AJ to drag out a rematch until SummerSlam? Is that what we're doing? Amusing that AJ Lee and Paige were used as the setup pieces for the long awaited Funkadactyl breakup.

Also odd, a pair of figure fours and a pair of guys working in tape. Ambrose was dressed like 1997 Diamond Dallas Page in the feud with Hennig and the nWo. Kofi actually had the tape on the ribs like Page.

Sorry, I'm in a very snarky mood.

Explain something to me, and here's the main point of today's Betta. If you're Seth Rollins, why don't you immediately hit John Cena with twenty chairshots, get DQ'd, then cash in and get a fifty count on Cena? You become the new Champion after the mugging, but as a heel, why should you care about doing it honorably?

The problem with the briefcase is WWE fans have to forget reality and understand the rules of cashing in the contract. It's like the unwritten rules of baseball. It requires cognitive dissonance. An opportunist like Rollins, who also happens to love a steel chair, why would that not happen? Sure Ambrose would stop it, but because of Seth's character, there should have been no match between Cena and Rollins. Instead, after Seth makes it appear the two are going to have a match, he attacks viciously during Cena's entrance. Then, the series of run-ins commence after dramatic briefcase effect from Rollins.

If you disagree with it being Betta, that's fine, but it's hard to deny it would have made things "Sensibah."

But the bigger issue was Ambrose and Orton, who other than the horrific botch on the top rope dropkick cutoff that never was, had an excellent match. One problem: Why is Dean Ambrose going under clean? Don't tell me it's because Randy is in the main event at Battleground because I can't imagine a clean win over Ambrose making Orton look stronger in the eyes of the mainstream fan.

Put Orton over, sure, but here's how you do it. Ambrose's counter slingshot clothesline should and will be one of his trademarks for many years. He hit it the first time and he ate an RKO the second time. Nothing wrong with that, but eliminate it being CLEAN and push Ambrose/Rollins twice on the same night. All WWE needed to do was send Rollins down to ringside with the briefcase and as Dean slingshotted his head between the top and middle ropes the second time, WHAM with the Samsonite. Ambrose pops back up knocked out cold and...eats an RKO. 1-2-3.

Later in the night, when Rollins attempts to use his contract via my suggestion or what actually happened, Dean comes right back out and costs him another golden opportunity to cash in the briefcase.

I disagree with Orton going over Ambrose clean. It made this week's Betta much easier in my eyes. Adding in the logical problems with Rollins not hitting Cena with a proverbial wrench before a bell ever rung in the main event, it made this week the Dean and Seth edition.

That's how those two segments coulda been betta.

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