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WWE Raw results, live blog (July 7, 2014): Who's your daddy, Montreal?

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (July 7, 2014) from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Battleground pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for later this month in Tampa, Florida.

Advertised for tonight: Chris Jericho's first match back against The Miz, Paige continues baffling us all, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose butt heads again, John Cena vs. The Authority, and so much more.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Rex here, let's mark out with our snark out.


Roman Reigns out to start the show with a promo.

"Maybe HHH thinks I can neutralize John Cena- I can.

Maybe he thinks Kane can neutralize me- he can't

Maybe he thinks Orton can then walk out with the title- he won't"

Cena sucks chants start and Reigns responds to them with- "When I am in the house, you are damn right that Cena sucks"

He states that he is going to be the next WWEWHC and out comes Kane.

Apparently HHH and Stephanie aren't here.

Kane stands on the stage as Reigns asks if he is the demon anymore because he just looks like HHH's lap dog lately and Orton's bitch.

Kane heads towards the ring and Reigns meets him just outside the ring as the start brawling.  The brawl heads into the crowd.  As Kane starts to get the upper hand it makes it back to the ring.

Refs try to break up the fight but Kane starts chokeslamming them.

Out come the road agents!  FINLAY! NOBLE! MECURY! IRS! MALENKO!

They get them separated but Reigns pushes Noble to the ground and then spears Finlay!!!!

Kane tries to make it back in but gets the Superman Punch from Reigns.


Wyatt Family vs Usos

Result: Wyatt Family wins by pinfall


  • Harper and Jey start things off trading strikes when Jey is able to send Harper to the outside.  Rowan gets involved but Jimmy lends a hand off the tag and they both send him to the outside.
  • Wyatts collect themselves on the outside before heading back in.  Harper with clothesline but Jimmy ducks under a right hand.  He lands one of his own, but Harper lays him out with a big haymaker.  Tag to Rowan who hits a couple of slams and then cranks on the head of Jimmy.  Jimmy makes the escape but Rowan lays out Jey and tosses him across the ring.
  • Tag to Harper who goes to work with strikes before making the quick tag back to Rowan.  Rowan launches Jey out of the ring as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Rowan is grinding in Jey's temples.  Jey is able to fight out and clear out the Wyatts to make the tag to Jimmy.  Jimmy takes it to Harper (made the tag) with a series of kicks, a Samoan Drop, and a corkscrew moounsault.  Rowan breaks the pin attempt so Jey clears him out and then hits the suicide dive.
  • Jimmy tries to follow up but Harper lays him out with a big boot for two.  Harper tries for the suicide dive to Jey, but Jey counters with a big right hand and Jimmy superkicks him for a two count.  Jimmy goes up top but Harper kncoks him down and hits a sit down powerbomb.  Jey breaks the tag.  Jey is able to send Harper to the apron and when he tries to climb back in- they both superkick him.
  • They go for a double suicide dive but Rowan pulls out the legs of one.  This distracts the other and Harper lays out Jey with a lariat for the pinfall.
  • Jimmy was actually the legal man though.


Orton and Kane are in the back when Rollins comes in with the briefcase.  He acts like a cheeky little bastard before walking out.

Orton says he is really starting to hate that guy and Kane responds that he is really starting to hate Orton.


One Armed Tied Behind the Back: Alicia Fox vs Nikki Bella

Result: N/A


  • Nikki gets her arm tied behind the back and when the ref goes to tie Fox's she resists it and then just attacks Nikki.  Alicia destroys Nikki and slams her head into the barricade a ton.
  • She tosses her into the ring beats on her some more before getting some cans of beer (?) and bashing them open before pouring them on Nikki.
  • Fox then graciously leaves to end the segment.


Alexander Rusev vs RVD

Result: Rusev wins by submission


  • Lana cuts a quick promo on Canada.
  • Rusev lays RVD out early but RVD fires back with some kicks to get a near fall.
  • Rusev takes back control with some slams, a backbreaker, and then a ton of knees to the ribs.  Rusev works over his back then slaps RVD a few times before hitting some more knees.
  • RVD hits a counter splash but Rusev catches him.  RVD is able to get a roll up though for two.  RVD with some more kicks and then a flying sidekick off the top rope.  Rolling Thunder but Rusev dodges and lays him out with a hellacious kick.
  • Accolade gets the win.


Dean Ambrose vs Randy Orton

Result: Orton wins by pinfall


  • Ambrose with the shoulder still taped up and a Let's Go Ambrose chant breaks out.
  • Ambrose starts taunting Orton which leads to Orton trying to lock him up.  Ambrose drives him into the corner but Orton is able to escape and rolls to the outside for a bit.
  • Ambrose drags Orton down when he gets back to the ring and then works in a hammer lock.  Orton escapes and starts to work on the shoulder when Ambrose hits a slick switch/drop toe hold to take back advantage.  Strikes in the corner and then he lays him out wit ha clothesline.  Ambrose grind the knee into Orton but Orton is able to counter Ambrose into the turnbuckle.
  • Punches from Orton in the corner but Ambrose fights out and hits his own flurry in the corner.  He then drags Orton's face along the rope before hitting a running dropkick.  Ambrose works a series of holds on the ground but Orton flips him over his back and lays him out with a clothesline.
  • Orton lays it on with punches and some stomps.  The crowd starts to boo and Orton taunts them which provides Ambrose the time to recover and beat on Orton before tossing him to the outside as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Orton is in control with a shoulder lock.  Ambrose makes his way out and they start trading blows but Ambrose gets the advantage.  A flurry from Ambrose, some clothesline, and then a flying crossbody.
  • Ambrose with the Figure Four!  Orton makes it to the rope though.
  • Orton lays Ambrose out but I missed it.  He taunts some more and when he follows up, Ambrose hits the rope clothesline.  He goes for Dirty Deeds but Orton tries to fight out so Ambrose sends him to the outside and then puts him into the barrier.
  • Ambrose showers the ring with chairs before tossing Orton in there.  Ambrose gets a chair but Orton rolls out and when Ambrose follows up, Orton puts him into the post and then tosses him into the time keeper's area.  Orton with a DDT onto the floor.
  • Orton retreats to the ring and Ambrose barely beats the count.  Ambrose with a backslide for a two count.  Orton nails him with a big boot and Ambrose tumbles into the ropes like he is going to hit his clohtesline but Orton nails him with the RKO.


Renee with Cena in the back.  He is spitting fire when Roman approaches and Cena says "I handle my business".

Reigns wishes him good luck tonight and Cena comes back with "I don't need any luck"

"You will when you face me in the Fatal Fourway" -Reigns


Dolph Ziggler vs ADR



  • Fandango on commentary.
  • ADR opens up with some strikes but Ziggler gets control with a neckbreaker and a dropkick that sends ADR to the outside.  Ziggler goes for a baseball slide but ADR uses the apron to trap him and hits a big kick to Ziggler's head.
  • ADR tosses Ziggler back into the ring and hits a tilt a whirl back breaker.  Ziggler and ADR go into a great back and forth but I can't keep track of it as I am laughing too much at Fandango's commentary.
  • Fandango calls himself the Fonz of the WWE and goes "Heyyyy".  Fandango has been killing it on commentary.
  • ADR tries for a slam but Ziggler counters with the Fameasser for a two count.
  • Fandango decides its time to dance on the announce table with JBL's as his music plays in the arena.  This distracts Ziggler who gets laid out but an ADR superkick for the pinfall.


Dust Bros promo that I am not quite sure how to describe.  Goldie has the wig back!

You just have to watch it.


Lawler talks a bit about the hospital that saved his life.

He brings out Bret Hart.

He says if he could have just one more match, it would be here in Montreal.

He's getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Out comes Sandow dressed as Bret Hart in his prime.

"May I present the real best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be- Bret the Hitman Sandhart"

Sandow says he regrets tapping out to his own submission to his personal hero HBK and pretending it was a screw job due to embarrassment.  He does regret being proud of coming from a third world country like Canada.

"I know talkings isn't your strong suit..." and Hart punches Sandow to end the segment.


We come back from break with a match in progress

Damien Sandhart vs Sheamus

Result: Sheamus wins by pinfall


  • Sandow is beating on Sheamus on the outside before tossing Sheamus back in the ring.  Sheamus tries to fight out but gets his leg taken out by a running knee Hart Style.  He hits an elbow off the second rope ala Hart and goes for the Sharshooter but Sheamus takes a hold of the beard to get prevent it.
  • Sheamus hits the forearms in the ropes.  Brogue Kick gets the win.


Renee in the back with the Miz and he reads a fan letter.  Wonderful.

He then makes a promise to the fan and all of the others who write letters such as them to him.


Chris Jericho vs the Miz

Result: Jericho wins by submission


  • Miz with some clothesline and Jericho comes back with some chops.  Jericho goes for a punch but Miz holds up to protect his face so Jericho sends him to the apron.  Jericho with a dropkick off the turnbuckle that sends Miz to the floor.
  • Jericho tries to slam him in the post but Miz prevents it to protect the face.  Jericho tosses him back in and hits a bulldog.  Jericho goes for the lionsault but Miz shoves him to send him to the outside.  Miz beats on him briefly on the outside before sending him to the back to the ring.
  • Miz with some stomps and a sleeper but Jericho fights out with some chops and some shoulder blocks.  Jericho goes up top and hits a double axe handle.  He goes for the walls but Miz is able to escape, only to get tossed into the turnbuckle by Jericho.
  • Miz takes out Jericho's knee with a kick and hits the DDT for a nearfall.  Jericho with a roll up for a two count.  He tries to follow up but Miz is able to lock in the Figure Four.  Jericho gets a hold of the rope so Miz stomps on his leg.
  • Jericho with a big right hand to the face and locks in the Walls of Jericho for the win.
  • Wyatt appears ringside with his chair and cuts a promo against Jericho.  He even uses the "Neeeever Eeeever".  After a while, Jericho finally tells him to shut the hell up.  Jericho says that he actually agrees with everything Wyatt is saying.  Actions do speak louder then words so since its just Bray, he is going to come up the ramp and beat his ass. Just as he starts to come up, Harper and Rowan appear so Jericho decides to hold off.


AJ and Paige vs the Funkadactyls

Result: AJ and Paige win by pinfall


  • Paige takes the mic and does the intro for AJ.  They are apparently buddy-buddy, for now....
  • Paige and AJ beat on Naomi a bunch as Cameron was doing her nails on the apron and wouldn't tag in.  When Cameron finally does tag in, Paige hits the Paige Turner for the win.
  • Cameron and Naomi get into it post-match.


Heyman and Cesaro in the ring.  Heyman starts talking.

Cesaro says that you can't speak to them in English.  They pop but he turns it around when he says they don't speak French, they speak Quebecois.  His disdain as he said it was great.  He then says the French and the rest of Canada hates them before he makes fun of Quebecois in French.

Cesaro vs Kofi Kingston

Result: Kingston wins by pinfall


  • Kingston comes out with hot fire but a Cesaro suplex quickly ends that.  Cesaro tosses him to the outside and then hits a gut wrench suplex from the floor onto the apron.  He tosses him back in but Kingston gets a boot up in the corner.
  • Kingston of fthe top rope and Cesaro catches him.  This leads to a series of counters between the two that ends with Cesaro hitting an insane Military Press to a gutbuster.  He tries to follow up with another slam but Kingston counters into a roll up for the win.
  • Cesaro decides to beat on Kingston post match but Langston makes his way out as back up so Cesaro decides to retreat.


Cena in the back when Rollins approaches him.

Cena puffs his chest out and Rollins says there is no reason the two can't have a civilized conversation.

He says its time to ignore the events of last week because this week Rollins simply wants to prove that he is better then Cena.

Cena comes back with a response that basically amounted to- bring it on.  It wasn't bad though, just straight to the point.


Bo Dallas vs El Torito

Result: Dallas wins by pinfall


  • Dallas says he takes on any and all challenges because he Bo-lieves!
  • Dallas gets on his knees and throws up his duke.  Torito tells him to drop them and hits him with his tail.  Torito with a axe kick flip that nails Bo low.
  • Bo chases him to the outside and Torito slaps him from the apron.  When Torito runs away he attacks the Matadore and puts him into the steps.
  • Torito tries for a suicide dive to make the save but Bo nails him with an elbow.  Bo then hits the running Bo-dog off the second rope for the win.
  • As he celebrates and runs around the ring, he runs over Torito like it was nothing.


John Cena vs Seth Rollins

Result: Cena wins by DQ


  • Rollins with an early headlock but Cena escapes and both men are just pinballing around the ring as they counter each other left and right.  Rollins gets the advantage with a swinging neckbreaker as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Cena picks up Rollins while Rollins has a hold on him and slams him.  Rollins recovers quickly though and swarms Cena.  Rollins takes control with a series of strikes and slams.  He then hits Skywalker.
  • Rollins misses with and enziguiri and Cena capitalizes.  Cena goes up top but Rollins meets him with a bicycle kick.  The two start trading counters and Cena goes for the AA but Rollins lands on his feet.
  • Drop toe hold from Cena leads to the STF.  Rollins nears the rope but Cena drags him back in and locks it in again.  Kane's music hits and he starts to make his way out.  As he does, Orton swarms him from behind.
  • Reigns decides to make his way out.  Kane charges him but eats a Superman Punch.  Orton then eats one in the ring.  Reigns starts to shout but Rollins hits him in the back of the head with the briefcase.  He then knocks out Cena with it and calls for the official.
  • Out comes Lil'Naitch.  As he hands the case over to Lil'Naitch Ambrose swarms him!  Ambrose and Rollins start brawling up the ramp.  The bell never rang so the contract wasn't cashed in.
  • As Cena starts to recover, Orton makes his way back into the ring.  Cena hits an AA to Orton.  Kane in and he goes for a chokeslam but Reigns spears him!
  • Cena and Reigns raise each others hands as they stare each other down.



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