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Chris Jericho reveals all the details on his WWE return on Raw this week

Chris Jericho made a surprise return -- well, it was a surprise if you weren't cruising the pro wrestling sites in the hours leading up to the show -- on this past Monday night's episode of Raw in Hartford. Days later, he posted his latest Talk is Jericho podcast and gave all the details on his big return.

Read it, then listen to it:

"I told you guys before, I had been talking to the WWE for a while. I would get texts from them and e-mails and phone calls from time to time asking, you know, 'when can you come back'? And I would say, 'well, you know, I have some time here and some time there, what do you got for me?' I wanted to have some kind of a mission, some kind of a purpose. I didn't want to come back just to come back.

"I had been talking earlier in the year, late last year, about coming back for WrestleMania to work with Daniel Bryan. Obviously that didn't work out because Daniel had much bigger things already planned as far as winning the damn world title, although I don't know if that was always the plan right off the start.

"I just wanted to have some kind of a focus.

"The other idea I had was with Bray Wyatt. He was with John Cena. So it didn't work out, no problem. Went off, did many other things. Started this podcast, recorded the new Fozzy record, finished up writing my book; all those things still happening.


"So I guess about a month ago I got a call saying that one of the writers in WWE wanted to speak to me and asked if I would want to speak with them. And I said 'of course, I'm always open to speaking with them'. Originally, we were going to tour uproar this summer. Didn't work out, didn't get on that tour, so basically with the exception of a few shows here and there and when the new record comes out, and the press, and the Whiskey show, and we have a show in Syracuse, and a show in Madison, Wisconsin etc. etc... I'm pretty much free. So I spoke with them and they mentioned Bray Wyatt and I said 'that sounds amazing, I would love to do some work with Bray Wyatt'. But three weeks went by and nothing really came up. I pulled together some dates that I could do, they checked out whether or not those dates would work with them, everything was cool. Because you know when I come back it's not just for TVs, I try to do as many shows as possible. I had a couple other things I was commited to so I couldn't come back completely full time but still more than regular, definitely 10-12 shows a month, including live events, including International tours, the ones that I could make -- Australia, I will be there.

"So finally pulled together the dates and then got a call on Friday saying 'okay, let's get this started'. The funny thing was that I have two light up jackets... I actually have three, one of them was exclusively for Fozzy. ... Slowly started dying, I had to send it back to get reworked. The second light up jacket with all the red ones, that one just completely died so I had to send that back. ... And then I had the blue jacket, which had a lot of lights out because these jackets are prototypes. So it's the first time they were ever made, so the wiring is very flimsy because they didn't really know what they were getting themselves into. So the wiring snapped very easily. So I had to get that completely repaired. ... So I had the blue jacket ready because it was on Friday when I got the final call to come.

"So, Monday morning, Raw, the show was in Hartford. We wanted to keep it a secret so I flew into Boston and rented a car in Boston and drove to Hartford. I arrived in Hartford at about 5:30 in the afternoon. There was a bunch of fans waiting outside the arena right outside the parking lot, so I had to wait until they left. Then I drove straight downstairs, parked the car, was met by Head of Talent Relations Mark Caranno, and escorted into the production bus, the crew bus, where all the guys who set up the show sleep and tour in. Sat in that bus for like four hours, or five hours even, and in the meantime met up with Dean Malenko, who explained to me the ideas of what we were going to do. I had some input, went back to Vince (McMahon), he approved it. Then I met with The Wyatts, I met with Miz, then I met with Michael Hayes, and some other people, and then finally it was my turn to go to Gorilla. And this is the third time I've been hidden and it's always cool when you walk through the arena and see people that had no idea you were there. Like the first person I saw was Arn Anderson and he was like 'hey, what are you doing here?' I saw Kofi Kingston and he was like 'damn, man, I didn't even know!'

"So I walked to Gorilla position, see Vince, give him a big hug, I haven't seen Vince in a year. Give a big hug to Triple H, to Stephanie. The whole deal was done with Triple H on Friday in about five minutes. He's kind of in charge of doing the deals now. Before, it was Vince, or Jim Ross, or John Laurinaitis. And then I went to the ring for my big triumphant return. It was great, it reminded me of the double swerve in American Werewolf in London when the guy is sleeping and he thinks the Nazi soldiers are coming to kill him, he wakes up, and the werewolf is in bed next to him or whatever. So it's like he wakes up again. He has two nightmares.

"And that's kind of what happened, two swerves. Miz came out as the returning champion, then Jericho came out as the big swerve, and then the Wyatts came out as the big swerve again. And now suddenly we're off to the races and have some cool stuff coming up. But just a really cool experience. It's always fun to come back to the WWE, it's always fun to hear the 'Y2J' chants. Fooled a lot of people. There was kind of a rumor earlier in the day that I was there, that I was backstage. So I posted a picture with of daughters dressed up as rock and rollers and said 'just playing a rock concert with my daughters', which I did play a couple weeks ago but I had that picture in my phone, so I just posted it as if I was playing it now. So I swerved you back. Some of you believed it. I'm sure some of you wanted to believe I was there but weren't sure. And when I came out the reaction was amazing. Surprises are so cool, it reminds me of when I was a kid. Nowadays, people know everything and things get leaked. Then I made my big surprise return."

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