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AJ Lee has the perfect response to CM Punk chants on Raw

Earlier today, the Cageside Twitter (cheap plug RIGHT HERE) lit up with this:

Actually, no, I did not notice that but we were quickly directed to the following GIFs of the moment (via


Isn't that about the perfect response?

It's worth wondering why exactly it is the fans at these WWE shows -- the ones who participate -- feel it necessary to chant "CM PUNK" at AJ every time she appears on television. Yes, the two were married just last month, but is that reason to shout his name every time she comes around? She is her own performer and she happens to be exceedingly good at her job, the very job he willingly walked away from. Thanks to her, we have a compelling feud in the Divas division that does not involve a male in any way.

It's two women, Paige and AJ, presented as great wrestlers who are fighting over the top prize in the division, the Divas title.

Instead of focusing on that, fans are constantly chanting the name of Lee's husband, a man who retired from professional wrestling and has now openly stated he has no desire to return, at least for the time being. Isn't that ridiculous? And also at least somewhat insulting? Miss CM Punk all you want but grieving through his absence by chanting his name at his wife, when you think about it, is actually a weird thing to do.


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