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GIF: Roman Reigns superman punch hits Kane so hard Randy Orton feels it

One of the low points of last night's excellent episode of Monday Night Raw in Miami, Florida, was the opening 2-on-1 handicap match pitting Roman Reigns against Randy Orton & Kane. It wasn't the best effort from all involved and while it's clear Reigns is a strong character, it's becoming increasingly more clear that he's not the strongest worker.

But there's time to work on that and hey, John Cena has endured as the biggest star in WWE for nearly a decade with all six of his so-called "moves of doom". Reigns has his own signature spots and you should never underestimate how far they can go to get him over.

Take, for instance, this Superman Punch from last night's match:


Isn't that great? It's as though Reigns hit Kane so hard Orton felt it.

Orton, by the way, is still quietly doing some of the best work of his career and it's little stuff like this that makes all the difference. This is one way he's putting Roman over.

Next stop: SummerSlam.

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