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Coulda Been Betta: Et tu, Roman?

Simple and to the point, how last night's opening segment could have actually made sense and not insulted our intelligence.

As I had previous plans last night, I have not finished RAW but I've seen the first two hours. Other than Swagger/Rusev segment, which was great although I expected Zeb to be stronger with his words, it was very much a go-home show that didn't do much for me.

All I needed to see was ten minutes to find a topic for today's Betta though.

Reigns and Cena having a bit of a verbal tiff made sense going into the Four Way at Battleground so there's no problem there, same with Cena's solo words to open the show. When Dean Ambrose tried to convince his two partners in the six man main event to get on the same page for the evening to destroy a bigger enemy, it made sense. Then it went completely off the rails.

Dean is in a "remote" location. The heels find him. Of course they do, they're heels.

Ambrose spins around in the back to see Kane, then Rollins, and then Orton as the three assault him mercilessly. He gets in the great "is that all you got" line and eats a curb stomp on an equipment box. There's one glaring problem with this entire situation.

Where the hell is Roman Reigns?

Are we to believe the Shield was a marriage of convenience that would dwarf even the Clintons? If not, Reigns' omission from the rest of the segment is an unbelievable mistake. These guys were running buddies and helped wreck shop in the WWE for nearly two years and six weeks or so after the Rollins attack, not only are they not together, but Dean is completely on his own?

I partially understand Cena, but not really. Being the Superman babyface that he is, he also should have tried to help out Ambrose. It's not that Cena and Reigns have to stop the assault, not at all. It is, however, that they have to try to get to their partner. We never saw the cameras cut back to the ring, so apparently the two men inside just casually strolled to the back or watched the screen with a bowl of popcorn?

Reigns should have tried to get to Ambrose with all his might and Cena should have been right along with him. If WWE wants the beating to happen, all they have to do is show John and Roman turning over the backstage area trying to find Ambrose. They're not heels, so they don't know everything. They can just...NOT find him. Blame it on the Authority if you want to go another way with it. It just plays into everything else that's going on, particularly with Ambrose, who made the mistake of going after their new golden boy, Seth Rollins.

For Reigns NOT to try and make the save, more so than Cena, it doesn't pass the smell test. It simply made no sense at all. Vince might believe and has said wrestling fans don't have more than a six week memory, but he's wrong. We haven't forgotten the Shield.

That was just plain stupid.

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