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Coulda Been Betta: Sixty seconds with Bo

An awesome show with one minor oversight that easily could have been changed and made it nearly flawless.

I loved last night's RAW. It was funny, because I had tweeted out earlier in the afternoon things like Jericho returning should be with Bray to put him over at SummerSlam, engage in six man tags teaming with the Usos, and do a few months with the guy to get him over strong as a heel. I was on the same page with the show all night long.

I even called AJ Lee's return about two minutes before her music hit, because it just felt right when Paige started talking. The title change scares me a bit because I know based on reports Vince McMahon isn't "up" on Paige and she could quickly fade away if they aren't careful. Her turning mild heel though, that's much more true for the character. I expected her to accept the match and then lay AJ out with the belt when she turned her back on the Champ. I think that's what should have happened honestly.

The double swerve for Jericho was well-done although it was telegraphed. I wish JBL hadn't subtly given it away during Miz' entrance, because it was a matter of when and not if at that point.

Sandow was phenomenal as "McMahondow." I adore the guy so much and it's only grown as a result of him somehow making this whole thing work. If he becomes IC Champion, it would be well deserved. Same for Ziggler, who now may be embroiled in the love rectangle storyline no one gives one flying intercourse about in the audience.

The show closed perfectly and honestly, take out the Fandango love triangle stuff and just because I can't stand the participants, the Bella deal, and you have a hell of a show. Actually you DID have a hell of a show. These are minor complaints. Every show has something to fill time that isn't ideal.

Oh, and Rusev/Swagger segment...that was the best thing on the entire show for me. It was also pristine. There's no way to make that work any better. It immediately put Rusev in a feud with someone credible and best of all, the logic is impeccable. We all love Dutch as well, so that's just the bonus.

Now to the main point of today's Betta:

Bo Dallas doing a legitimate sixty second moment of silence was fantastic and I was so pleased they allowed him to commit to it regardless of fan reaction and he didn't cut it short. There was just one minor problem with that brief segment.

When Bo showed the video of his appearance from the night before with Daniel Bryan at the Money in the Bank kickoff show, it made sense. What didn't make sense is including the "BONER" line, except that WWE clearly wants fans to chant it at Dallas. They also wanted to make sure the TV audience who passed up the PPV still received the company's indoctrination. It still didn't work. Hopefully it won't work.

Here's the issue: No one with 24 hours to edit a video, especially one known for his pseudo-positive motivational persona, should run a clip of someone else calling him a "BONER" unless he's about to address it. That one word should have been cut if Bo was the guy running the clip. That's just common sense. But you can still use it and do something for your show and for Bo in the process.

Had Bo edited that clip himself and eliminated "NER" with something inspirational, clearly and comically dubbed over with his own voice, it would have been tremendous. Then you have a low card guy, maybe a Zack Ryder, Heath Slater, or someone of that ilk come out and say something to the effect of, "Actually 'BrO,' that's not how it went down," play the actual video, tick Bo off, and then put him over in a quick match.

If you want people in 2014 chanting something ridiculous like "BONER," it takes more than a flippant comment from Daniel Bryan to make it happen. Do it my way, it might have actually worked.

However, if we can avoid a world where a wrestling crowd chants "BONER" at a performer, we're all better for it.

As for that Twisted Tea situation...I have no words.

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