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WWE Raw results, live blog (June 30, 2014): Money in the Bank fallout show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 30, 2014) from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut, featuring the fallout show from the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in Boston, Massachusetts.

Advertised for tonight: John Cena is champion and therefore has run afoul of The Authority, Seth Rollins has a guaranteed shot at the title whenever he wants it, and so much more.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)




HHH and Stephanie out to the ring now and she is glad for the homecoming as she was born in Hartford.

They begin to hype Seth Rollins win last night and then do so for John Cena before bringing him out.

HHH even called him an A+ player.

Cena says he will give Bryan a chance at the belts as soon as Bryan returns.

They then announce that Cena will be on the cover of WWE2k15 and unveild the cover from the rafters.

Stephanie is dancing and singing to his music- haha.

Cena smells that something is up because they are way too nice tonight.

Cena kind of taps bag into his thug style and HHH starts making fun of it.

HHH even brings up Doctor of Thuganomics and tells him to "chill his roll".  Oh man this is great.

HHH says he doesn't care if Cena is the champ or the face of the company as long as he shows some respect.

Cena says he won't bow down and will do things his way.

HHH announces that Battleground with be a Fatal Fourway.

Two of the men in the match will be Orton and Kane, who he squares off with tonight in the main event.

His partner tonight will be the fourth man- Roman Reigns.

Cena brings up the pool a couple of times to Stephanie before he leaves.

As Cena leaves, HHH gets on the mic again and says that if he survives that- there is always a Plan B.

Rollins music hits and he walks up next to Cena on the stage with the Money in the Bank briefcase before heading on down to the ring as we head to break.


Seth Rollins vs RVD

Result: Seth Rollins wins by pinfall


  • Rollins with the early strikes but an RVD counter sends Rollins to the outside.  Rollins collects himself because he is still selling a back injury from last night.
  • Rollins attacks again and once again retreats to the outside to recover a bit from his back.  Rollins and RVD trade kicks and RVD gets the advantage with an enzigiuri and then a spinning kick in the corner before a standing moonsault.  RVD with more strikes in the corner and when he goes for his sumersault thing Rollins counters.  RVD counters though into an abdominal stretch and then a banana split.
  • Rollins is able to get a hold of the rope and then rolls out of the ring.  He baits RVD in and nails him with a clohtesline as we head to break.
  • Rollins with a single leg Boston Crab but RVD is able to escape.  Rollins catches a RVD kick and laughs but RVD takes him down with a leg scissors before hitting some more kicks.  Rolling Thunder by RVD.
  • Backbreaker from RVD leads to the split leg moonsault that gets a two count.  Rollins fights his way back and goes for the Buckle Bomb but RVD counters it with a moonsault.  Rollisn rolls to the outside when RVD goes up top, but RVD htis a splash to the outside.  When RVD tries to follow up in the ring, Rollins counters with a brutal slam and the curb stomp for the win.
Post-match interview with Renee.  "If you are going to introduce me, do it right.  That's Mr. Money in the Bank toots."

He says it's not arrogance if you can back it up and the fans are just mad because he proved himself right.

Ambrose appears on the Titantron.  "From one scumbag to antoher- you don't really think this over yet?"

Ambrose talks about the failure of Rollins Plan A and he needed Daddy Trip and Uncle Kane to bail him out.  Ambrose says he isn't even upset.  It may be more fun this way as he will be around every corner, preventing Rollins from cashing in.


Rusev and Lana are out to talk about the weak culture of America.

She makes fun of the USA chant before getting into how we teach our children to ignore winning and losing while awarding participation.  No one will stop Russia or Rusev.

Lana asks for the next challenger and Rusev takes the mic for some words in Russian.

USA chants as WE THE PEOPLE!

Out comes Swagger and Colter.

Colter says he is tired of them bashing America.  Especially since the American freedoms allow them to say it, but in Russia they don't have it.

Colter says he knows what can stop Rusev Crush- a Real American.

Colter asks the crowd to join him as they say- WE THE PEOPLE!

Swagger and Rusev square up and Rusev takes a step but Lana stops him.

They start to leave and as Lana exits the ring Rusev decides to say screw it and attack.

Swagger with an arm drag and then sends Rusev to the outside.

Rusev wants to charge in again but Lana holds him back while yelling at him.  She eventually gets him to leave with her.


The Usos and Sheamus vs The Wyatt Family

Result: Wyatt Family wins by pinfall


  • Jimmy and Rowan start things off.  Rowan with some quick brawling to Jimm when eh makes the tag to his brother.  Both Usos beat on Rowan and send him to the outside as we head to an early commercial break.
  • Back from break and Rowan with a head wrench on Jimmy and then slams him hard into the mat.  Face rake from Rowan before tagging in Bray.  Bray with a big splash in the corner.  Bray with some strikes before a tag to Harper.  Harper with a couple of slams but Jimmy with a Samoan Drop.
  • Each man makes a tag to Sheamus and Rowan.  Sheamus with some clohtesline and then forearms in the ropes.  Harper drags Rowan away from the ropes mid way through so Sheamus goes off the top rope and nails them both.
  • Sheamus tosses Rowan back in and then hits a big back breaker.  Sheamus wants the Brogue Kick but HArper distracts him and Rowan sends him out to the floor.  Harper with the tag and he lays out Sheamus with a big boot.
  • Wyatts go to work methodically beating down Sheamus left and right as they exchange tags with frequency.  Harper with a huge power bomb at one point, but eventually Sheamus is able to get the tag to an Uso.
  • Superkicks left and right and now everyone is brawling left and right.  Sheamus with a Brogue Kick to Rowan that sends him to the outside and Jimmy hits a huge suicide dive to Rowan.  Sheamus tries to attack Wyatt, but Wyatt hits Sister Abigail.  Jey tries to go after Wyatt, but fails and turns right around into a Harper lariat for the pinfall.


Nikki interviewed in the back when Steph comes in and books her against the Funkadactyls


Bo Dallas comes out and asks for a minute of silence for two competitors who can't wrestle for the time being- Bad News Barret and Daniel Bryan.

Lights go down and he Tebows for a full minute.

This is awesome.

Bo then brings up giving Bryan inspirational words last night and they replay parts of that bit from last night.

He tells us all not to stop Bo-lieving.


Nikki vs the Funkadactyls

Result: Funkadactyls win


  • Nothing.  Match was short and bad.  Funkadactyls won and then they got in each other's face and teased the acrimony between them.


We are getting a Battle Royale to determine the next Intercontinental Champion.

Heyman cuts a quick promo to pump up the crowd and talk up Cesaro for his match against Kofi Kingston who he calls- "Battle Royalty"

Cesaro vs Kingston

Result: Kingston wins by pinfall


  • Cesaro with an opening salvo but Kofi fights back and hits a splash off the top rope.  Cesaro tries to fire back but Kingston sends him to the outside and then hits a suicide senton.
  • Cesaro takes back control when they hti the ring with a series of slam and a chinlock.  As Kingston tries to escape, Cesaro lays him out with a clohtesline and then a double stomp.  Cesaro with a few stomps when Kingston pops back up with some punches but gets laid out with a power slam.
  • Cesaro teases the swing and then waves it off to the chagrin of the fans before stomping on Kingston some more.  Cesaro goes for a back breaker but Kofi counters into hurricarana for a two count.  Cesaro sends Kingston into the ropes and then nails him in the back of the head with an uppercut as we head to break.
  • During the break apparently Kingston won and we come back to Cesaro absolutely demolishing Kingston.
  • Cesaro is slamming Kofi left and right and tosses him to the outside.  He send him over the announce table, beats on him, and then press slams him over the barrier into the crowd.  Cesaro beats on him some more and slams him into the wall before sending him back over the barrier.  Cesaro pulls his head into the post a bunch and then lays him out with a hellacious clothesline as the refs come out to drag him away.
  • Cole got scruffed up a bit in the brawl


Santino with a picnic set up and he is sad that no one came to his party.

Enter Rose and the Express to give him Twisted Tea and the whole thing is an advertisement.

Well ok then.



He is absolutely killing it with this impression as he talks up people and then says he is entering the unappreciated star Sandow in the Battle Royale.

Stephanie appears on the titantron and she isn't pleased.  Sandow will have to fight his way in.

Out comes Khali.

Vince McMahon vs Great Khali

Result: Khali wins by pinfall


  • One chop and the match was over


Tease for the return in the back with a limo pulling up.


The return is the Miz.

Miz is cutting a Hollywood heel promo and he lets us know though that despite his success, he is staying around wrestling for a long time.  He wants to main event Wrestlemania again.

This is a pretty good promo when.....


Miz asks if Jericho is here to give him a lifetime achievement away "or is this 2012 Jericho where you don't talk with your lite brite jacket"

Jericho takes off the jacket and Miz starts yelling at Jericho for interrupting his moment.

Jericho hits the Codebreaker.

Jericho gets on the mic- he has been waiting a long time to say "RAW IS JERI....."


Wyatts are in the ring and they start beating on him.

After demolishing Jericho, Wyatt hits Sister Abigail.


Fandango vs Dolph Ziggler

Result: Ziggler wins by pinfall


  • Ziggler swarms but Fandango buts him into the post.  Fandango with a power bomb and then they start brawling.
  • Out comes Summer Rae to interupt the match and starts making out with Ziggler.  This stuns Fandango so Ziggler hits him with the Zig Zag for the win.


Dust Bros vs Rybaxel

Result: Dust Bros win by pinfall



Paige out to the ring.

She says that she is a woman of few words.  Paige says that her detractors have been wrong and she deserves to stay.

Out comes AJ.

AJ just wanted to say that Paige is right.

AJ says Paige gave her the slap back to reality that needed and thanks Paige before congratulating her.

Paige says she isn't buying it and won't fall for it.

Paige says she isn't going to defend the title.

AJ asks the crowd, so Paige reluctantly agrees.

Diva's Championship Match: Paige (c) vs AJ Lee

Result: AJ wins and is new Diva's champion


  • AJ jumps onto Paige with a swarm of punches but Paige sheds her and then hits a big kick. Flurry of headbutts and a whip into the corner. AJ tries to fight out but is quickly laid out.
  • Paige jumps in for another flurry but AJ counters with a roll up for the win.



Roman Reigns and John Cena vs Randy Orton and Kane

Result: Reigns and Cena win by DQ


  • Cena and Orton start things off with some chain wrestling and then they let the dueling Cena chants breath a bit.  Orton arm drag and Cena looks at Reigns and gives him the tag.
  • Orton decides to tag in Kane.  Reigns and Kane start trading haymakers but Reigns gets the advantage and sends Kane to the outside as we head to break.
  • Back from break and the heels are taking it to Reigns with quick tags.
  • My cable cut out and came back to Reigns just cleaning house.  He lays out Kane with a Superman Punch and then goes after Orton.  Orton and Reigns brawl their way up the ramp and into the back.
  • Kane whips Cena into the steps on the outside and lays out Cena with them to trigger the DQ.
  • Kane then nails the Tombstone on him in the ring. HHH hits the ring and ROLLINS IS HERE!!!!!



Kane goes in to beat down on Cena some more when REIGNS MAKES THE SAVE.

HHH stares down Reigns with anger as we fade to black.



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