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Roman Reigns, I am impressed by your performance

What we witnessed on last night's (June 2, 2014) episode of Monday Night Raw in Indianapolis was an all time swerve for the ages. We always knew something like this was coming and we were still shocked and left in dismay at Seth Rollins turning heel on Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose to break up The Shield, at least in its original form.

We felt all the feels.

In the time after all this went down, we've covered it from nearly every angle. One thing that isn't being talked about enough, at least in this space, is the performance turned in by Reigns. This is a man many felt was earmarked for superstardom because of his look and nothing more.

But there's so much more.

I've watched this GIF one million times and each time I find something new when I look at Reigns:

He doesn't suspect a thing. He's preparing for war in the front but he's relaxed in the back because he believes, with every ounce of his being, that he doesn't need to worry about it. Dean Ambrose is there. Seth Rollins is there. He's always been allowed to stay focused on the target in front of him.

That's why it hurts so bad when he gets the knife chair in his back.

And you can see it. You can see his heart break as he falls, almost in slo motion. Before his knees ever hit the mat he understands what has happened, that everything has changed now and nothing is as it was before.

He's devastated.

When he finally hits, his trust in everything he knows completely destroyed, he falls into the bottom rope. It's almost as though he's hugging it, seeking some sort of solace in it, as though it will protect him from the pain of what has just transpired.

But it won't. It can't. Nothing can.

The beating would continue and it would be brutal, both physically and emotionally. They surely bruised him and they tried their best to break him.

You can see all the pain inside this face:


Roman Reigns, I am impressed by your performance.

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