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Coulda Been Betta: Seth Rollins Evolves

Seth Rollins shocked the wrestling world when he turned on his "brothers" last night and joined forces with Triple H and Randy Orton. Though it was awesome, allow me to posit a slightly different way WWE could have done it.

Here's why you turn Seth Rollins...just think about the future WWE World Heavyweight Championship feud between Seth and Daniel Bryan, which now could technically happen as soon as SummerSlam or maybe a few months later. It would seem likely we'll get Ambrose and Reigns vs. Rollins and Orton at Money in the Bank, potentially with Triple H as special referee, but even without, that match should be phenomenal.

Overall, though there were some disappointing portions and a few lulls, RAW was entertaining. Ziggler's days of import appear to be over, because if there's one match you want that guy in simply because of the stipulation and the workrate and willingness to take risks, it's Money in the Bank. Perhaps they're protecting him from himself because of the concussions of 2013, but either way, Dolph's role seems destined to be...well...what we got last night.

But back to the main point here as there are numerous places to read thoughts on all of RAW here on the's how WWE could have done Plan B just a bit differently, and this is really splitting hairs, because there was nothing at all wrong with the way they did it.

Everything stays the same up to the point where Triple H mentions a backup plan. At that point, the phrase looms ominously but Rollins doesn't immediately attack his former compadres. The bell rings as Orton enters and he and Reigns prepare for a main event television match. Basic lockup, Reigns tries to shoot Orton off but is reversed and as the dominant Shield member hits the ropes, BAM...Seth Rollins from behind with the chair. Reigns stumbles off the ropes directly into an RKO but of course, the match ends in a DQ. This match goes no longer than the time it takes for the tie up and the Irish's just a LITTLE more to draw it out.

Rollins spins around and just annihilates Ambrose on the outside with the chair, beating him senseless. He drags Dean into the ring and lays him directly next to Reigns, almost like two corpses buried side by side, face down. Hunter enters the ring and then he and Orton simply back into adjacent corners, opposite the hard cam so we can see the facial expressions, and Seth proceeds to chair shot the remaining members of the Shield for a solid sixty seconds, very similar to the beating Reigns took on Sunday at Payback.

Then he places two chairs under the nearly unconscious bodies of Ambrose and Reigns...and delivers a pair of curb stomps in a way reminiscent of Edge and Christian's Con-Chair-To, but with his boot being the top of the steel sandwich.

At that point, if you want, you have Triple H, at Rollins' behest, step facing the hard cam, as they all have been this entire time, and take his sledgehammer and slam it down into both victims' spines. Orton walks up, the three pose exactly as they did to end the actual show, fade to black, not a word from the announce team.

Again, just another take...draw out the drama, make it even more brutal once Rollins fires the first shot. That's how Rollins' personal evolution coulda been betta. But it was damn good.

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