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Video: An emotional farewell for Vickie Guerrero backstage at Raw

You could make an argument that the way WWE wrote Vickie Guerrero off television and out of the company, by having Stephanie McMahon berate her before throwing her in a pool of pudding presented as slop, was bad, or at least not entertaining. It was written well, all things considered, and you could just as easily make the argument that it was the right way for her to go out.

What you won't argue is what you see in the video above.

Vickie comes through the curtain after her segment and she is greeted by the women she's worked with for so many years. They do not embrace her because, well, she's covered in slop and all that, but instead bid farewell with a kiss on the cheek.

This is right. This feels good.

So, one more time, we say goodbye to Vickie Guerrero.

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