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Vickie Guerrero fired from WWE by Stephanie McMahon on Raw

One week after she was the victim of Roman Reigns' sweet talking and poisoning of Stephanie McMahon, not to mention getting puked all over just for trying to do her job, Vickie Guerrero had to answer for her transgressions on tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw in Washington D.C.

She was fired.

Indeed, tonight's show opened with Vickie profusely apologizing to Stephanie for last week's events only for McMahon to drop bombs on her anyway, including taking a shot at her only working for company for as long as she has because of her late husband Eddie Guerrero.

Heeling on her hard.

Ultimately, Stephanie booked a match between herself and Vickie and if Guerrero could win, she would get to keep her job as General Manager of SmackDown. If she lost, she would be fired.

Well, the match they had wasn't a match so much as a way to humiliate Guerrero one more time by having her thrown into a pool filled with nasty gunk. That was the stipulation. Get thrown in, and you lose.

Well, Stephanie brought out Layla, Rosa Mendes, and Alicia Fox, telling them to "get her". They tried, but all three ended up getting dirty because Vickie is a wily veteran or something. Stephanie, seeing her charges fail miserably, finished the job herself, tossing Vickie into the muck after rushing her from behind with a knee to the back. She proceeded to sing "na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye" as Vickie was leaving.

But hey, the McMahon family never asks its employees to do anything they wouldn't do themselves, so Vickie got to turn it around on Stephanie and toss her around the pool of shit before leaving.

So there's that.

So long, Vickie.

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