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WWE Raw results, live blog (June 23, 2014): Money in the Bank go home show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 23, 2014) from the Verizon Center in Washington D.C., featuring the go home show to the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this Sunday night in Boston, Massachusetts.

Advertised for tonight: The participants in the Money in the Bank contract ladder match will be revealed, Roman Reigns and Vickie Guerrero will be dealt with for last week's coffee debacle, Stardust, and much more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Rex here. Rex is running late so for now, it's Geno Time.

Stephanie McMahon was out first to start the show.

"As principle owner of this billion dollar business, if there's one thing I can't tolerate it's gross negligence." She brought up Vickie Guerrero being unable to fetch her a simple cup of coffee and demanded she come out to "face the consequences".

A terrified Vickie did just that.

Guerrero apologized for what happened last week, then immediately chucked Reigns under the bus for putting something in her coffee. So Stephanie brought up that Reigns was her biggest failure to date because she was specifically told not to allow him to compete in the battle royal to earn entrance into the Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE world heavyweight championship.

Vickie promised it wouldn't happen again. McMahon said, "You're damn right it won't".

Then she went in on her.

Stephanie said Vickie has been riding the coattails of her late husband Eddie Guerrero and the only reason she's had the job she's had is because she couldn't be "made a Diva".

Ice cold shot.

Steph was about to fire her but Vickie stopped her and said she would do anything, including beg. The crowd chanted "NO" but Stephanie demanded it anyway.

So she did.

"You can't even do that right, Vickie. You're like a cockroach or a twinkie. I can't get rid of you, it's like you don't expire".

Stephanie gave her two options:

1. You're fired"
2. You keep your job if you win your match tonight

Vickie didn't want to work the match, but agreed, of course, because she would have been fired otherwise. She just wanted to know who her opponent would be.

Stephanie's response: "Me!"

Vickie was cowardly at first, then cut an impassioned promo saying "if there's one thing Eddie taught me it's how to lie, cheat, and steal. I accept!"

Vickie walked off and Stephanie's music played while she stood in the ring smiling with her arms out.



The Usos were out next.

A new entrance theme played and Luke Harper and Erick Rowan entered to a really awful version of "He's Got the Whole World in his Hands".

Luke Harper vs. Jimmy Uso

Erick and Jey were, of course, ringside for the match.

The match went all of three minutes. Harper hit a dropkick early, Jimmy got interfered with by Rowan, who was taken out by Jey, but that gave Luke the opportunity to lay out Jimmy back in the ring and get the pin.


Jey got on the mic after and said "Rowan, where you going? We just starting to get a little U-SO CRAZY! Why don't you get your stanky ass back in this ring so I can kick it right here in our nation's capital?"

Then he hit the over the top rope dive on both Rowan and Harper, who, somehow, were unsuspecting.

Erick Rowan vs. Jey Uso

We returned from a commercial break to see the match was already underway with Rowan in complete control. The match was again short but the opposite of the one they ran before it, only this time Jey went over after a superkick and splash with Jimmy taking Harper out.

Post-match, The Wyatt Family beat down the tag champions. Brutally, too. They posed with the belts in the ring.

At that point, Bray Wyatt came on the Titantron for a promo. He talked about being a great leader but needing to lead by example, and he'll do that by being crowned champion at the PPV this Sunday night in Boston.

He won't be alone when his disciples annihilate all the powerless creatures beneath them.


Rex back in control here.

We are given footage of Lana and Rusev in front of the capital building.

She talks about our meager building for a meager building.

A lot more pimping of Russia and demeaning of America before telling us that our only option is to accept Putin as our leader and that Rusev will lead the way.


Alicia Fox vs Naomi

Result: Naomi wins by pinfall


  • Paige and Cameron are on commentary.
  • Paige talks about Naomi haven been a threat but Cameron disagrees.
  • Fox and Naomi exchange a quick series of slams.
  • They keep shifting to the announcing table so a lot of the action isn't being caught.
  • Fox and Naomi make it to the outside and start trading strikes before Fox puts her into the floor.  They quickly make it back to the inside and Fox lays into Naomi with elbows and then the Northern Lights Suplex.
  • Stuff is happening in the ring but we are only getting it in bits and pieces because of the focus on commentary.
  • Fox goes for a tilt a whirl back breaker but Naomi counters and hits an inverted headlock elbow drop for the win.
  • Paige gets on the apron and raises the title while shaking Naomi's hand.


Sheamus and Reigns are prepping in the back for their 4v3 match tonight.

"4 on 3? Sounds like they need more people" -Reigns

Sheamus brings up the Shield's history against Sheamus.

Reigns said if he wanted to take Sheamus out, he would knock him out right now.

Sheamus loves all of the confidence that Reigns is showing here and then he pimps the title match this weekend some more.


Bo Dallas vs Titus O'Neill

Result: Dallas wins by pinfall


  • Dallas cuts an inspirational promo beforehand.
  • Dallas opens up with a dropkick and celebrates.  Titus nails him with his his backbreakers.
  • He starts to beatdown on Bo in the corner but Bo is able to dodge and hit the Bo-dog for the win.
  • Dallas goes to cheer up Titus, who slaps the mic out of his hand.  Bo picks it up and blames himself for having butterfingers.  He then lets us all know that we have to Bo-lieve


HHH out to the ring now.

He talks about being the bad guy, even in the city of incompetent politicians.

He talks up the briefcase match and he is going to announce the other competitors.

Joining Rollins are

  • Kingston
  • Swagger
  • Ziggler
  • RVD
  • Bad News Barrett

He talks about the one man he believes will win it and starts to say R-V but then just busts out laughing and brings out Seth Rollins.

Rollins responds to boos with a "You guys still mad about that? It's in the past"

Man is he a damn good heel.

Rollins talks himself and his chances up for this weekend.

Out comes RVD and Rollins asks why we should care- "What is this 2005?"

RVD talks about that being the time Rollins had to ask his parents to stay up and watch RVD.  Rollins jsut shrugs.

RVD talks his history with HHH and decides to throw down the gauntlet.

HHH makes the match.

Seth Rollins vs RVD



  • RVD opens up with some early strikes and Rollins bails to the outside.  RVD comes leaping after him as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Rollins is in control in the ring with some strikes, Three Amigos, and then a chinlock.  As RVD tries to escape, Rollins lays him out with a neck breaker.
  • Rollins continues the onslaught with strikes and slams to keep RVD grounded.  RVD finally gets a few kicks in and goes for Rolling Thunder but Rollins escapes so RVD with a spinning heel kick and then hits Rolling Thunder.
  • RVD goes up for the frogsplash but Rollins goes to take him out so RVD jumps to the apron and hits a springboard tornado DDT.  He goes for the splash again but Rollins rolls out of the way and RVD misses with it.
  • Rollins with some ground and pound before a Buckle Bomb and then a curb stomp.
  • As he goes for the pin- Ambrose swarms the ring and starts to beat down Rollins.  He is throwing him all around the time keeper's area and just beating the ever living hell out of him.
  • Just when the refs think they have him controlled- Ambrose breaks free and starts wailing on him again.
Rollins bails to the back and Ambrose gets the mic.  He says he better be put in the match because he is coming to Boston anyway to bash Rollins' face in and take the briefcase regardless if he is in the match or not.  He will ruin the whole damn ppv if he has to.


HHH and Rollins talk in the back.

Rollins wants HHH to give him Ambrose in that ladder match.

HHH asks if he is sure about that and Rollins says to let him handle it.

HHH smiles and puts Ambrose into the match.


Barrett out and he says after he beats Ziggler tonight (proving last week was a fluke) and wins at Money in the Bank- Ziggler will be so embarrassed he will have to change his name.  Much like the racist pro football team in DC

InterContinental Title Match: Wade Barrett (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

Result: Barrett wins by pinfall and retains as champion


  • Apparently its a title match.
  • Barrett opens up with some clubbing blows.  Ziggler fights back with some strikes of his own but Barrett knocks him to the outside with a clohtesline.
  • Barrett beats him down on the outside for a bit before tossing him back in.  Ziggler takes control with some strikes and goes for the Fameasser but Barrett hits Winds of Change for a two count.
  • Barrett tries to follow up with Wasteland but Ziggler counters with the Zig Zag in desperation.
  • As both men are down, Barrett rolls out of the ring before Ziggler can make the cover as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Barrett launches Ziggler to the outside and then hits an elbow drop off the apron before tossing him back in.  Barrett puts Ziggler into the turnbuckle but Ziggler responds with a face buster for a two count.
  • Ziggler tries to follow up but Barrett htis a huge back body drop.  It was massive.  Barrett hits the Wasteland for a two count.
  • Barrett goes for the Bullhammer but Ziggler dodges and hits the fameasser for a two count.  Ziggler with a crucifix roll up for another two count.
  • Ziggler leaps at Barrett in the corner but Barrett nails him with the Bullhammer Elbow for the pinfal.


Young catches up with Vickie in the back.

She talks some more about how she won't be apologizing anymore.  She is going to live with no regrets.

Orton comes up to them and says that Vickie should be afraid because her actions like putting Reigns in the Battle Royale will have consequences.


Vickie Guerrero vs Stephanie McMahon



  • Vickie came out to Viva La Raza.  Awesome.
  • Stephanie comes out and apparently it is a mud match.
  • Vickie sends three henchwomen to get her, but Vickie is able to send them them into the mud pool.
  • Steph attack from behind and puts Vickie into the mud pool and fires her.
  • As Vickie leaves, Steph starts to sing "Goodbye".  Vickie turns around and puts Steph into the pool of mud herself.


Goldust with Saxton in the back.

Out comes Stardust sings Wish Upon a Star as he blows glitter everywhere.

"Now I am the normal one" -Goldust


Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston

Result: Swagger wins by submissiong


  • Swagger opens up with some early strikes and slams.  Kingston takes control with some kicks and sends Swagger to the outside before hitting a plancha.
  • Back in the ring and Kingston goes for some more kicks but Swagger quickly counters it into an ankle lock for the win.


Cesaro, ADR, and Heyman exchange words in the back.

Nothing really of note because it basically culminated with Cesaro calling ADR a loser.


Damien Sandow is out in the ring and dressed as Abe Lincoln.

He gives a brief speech based of the Emancipation Proclamation, but Big E comes out now.

Big E vs Abe Lincoln



  • Big E squashed Lincoln in short order.  Nothing to see here.
After the match Big E starts talking about how he won't let America be denigrated anymore by the likes of Lana and Rusev.

Lana comes out to the stage and starts to talk to Big E while Rusev beats on Big E via a sneak attack.


Cena with Renee and he cuts an impassioned Cena promo


Roman Reigns, Sheamus, and John Cena vs Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, and Alberto Del Rio



  • Cena and Orton start things off and they quickly exchange blows before Orton tags in Cesaro.
  • Cesaro gets the advantage on Cena with some uppercuts and drives him into the corner where he exchanges a tag with Wyatt.
  • Wyatt beats on Cena and then hits a splash in the corner as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Cesaro is tossing Cena around the ring like a ragdoll.  Cesaro goes for the Neturalizer but Cena hits a back body drop and makes the tag to Reigns.
  • Reigns charges in hard but Cesaro gets the tag to Wyatt who lays out Reigns.  Cesaro tags back in and hits a gutwrench suplex.
  • Tag to Orton who goes to work with stomps and a couple of power slams.  Tag to ADR who hits a side slam.  Reigns fights his way out though and makes the tag to Sheamus as ADR makes the tag to Cesaro.
  • Sheamus knocks everyone off the apron and then hits the rope forearms against Cesaro.  It now turns into an all out brawl now.  Finishers are getting hit left and right.
  • Kane makes his way out though and just starts demolishing everyone regardless of alignment.
  • HHH comes out and announces that Kane will be the eighth participant in the ladder match.
  • Kane hits his pyro but Reigns spears him




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