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WWE Raw results, live blog (June 2, 2014): Payback fallout

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 2, 2014) from Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana, featuring the fallout show from the Payback pay-per-view (PPV) that took place just last night in Chicago.

Advertised for tonight: All the fallout from the PPV, including Brie Bella quitting so Daniel Bryan could keep the WWE world heavyweight title, The Shield sweeping Evolution in their elimination match, John Cena "silencing" Bray Wyatt, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.


Evolution coming out to kick off the show tonight.

HHH is spotting one hell of a shiner.

He says we all think they have won.

This is far from over because HHH never loses, he wins always.

This will not be over until the Shield exists no longer.

It happens tonight according to HHH.

Batista snatches the mic and says he is done with that.  He wants his Championship match.

HHH is the leader and he has a plan.

Batista doesn't care.  HHH points out that Bryan can't even compete and Batista would probably choke anyway.

HHH apologizes for that because he is on edge.  No one is getting anything though until they finish the job of the Shield.

"Do you want to go down as the man who lost to the Shield"

"I understand, I quit" -Batista and walks out with a pageant wave.

HHH rages that Batista is finished as Batista walks to the back.


Bad News Barrett and Cesaro vs Sheamus and RVD

Result: Sheamus and RVD win by pinfall


  • Heyman is on commentary.
  • Cesaro opens up with uppercuts on Cesaro but Sheamus fires back with some of his own and goes up top for a battering ram.  Both men are trading strikes before Cesaro hits a gut wrench suplex.  After a few more uppercuts he tags in Barrett.
  • Barrett with some forearms and he goes for an arm lock but Sheamus counters into a big clotheslien before tagging in RVD.  RVD with a heel kick and then some roundhouses in the corner.  He goes for a second rope back elbow, but Barrett counters with a hellacious clothesline as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Barrett prevents RVD from making the tag before making the tag.  Cesar with some uppercuts and then he starts grinding down RVD.  RVD with a kick to break free but he is quickly swarmed by Cesaro with a gut wrench suplex to prevent the tag.
  • Tag to Barrett who hits a neckbreaker.  Barrett with an elbow drop off the second rope.  RVD tries to fight out but Barrett with a back elbow that sends him to the outside and then a tag to Cesaro.  Cesaro puts RVD into the barrier before tossing him back in the ring.  RVD with a leg scissors take down but Cesaro popus up and hits a clothesline.
  • As RVD tries to recover Cesaro takes the chance to nail Sheamus on the apron.  RVD uses that time to land a kick before both men make the tag.  Sheamus starts beating on Barrett and when Cesaro gets involved he takes care of him as well.  He goes to Brogue kick him but Heyman helps drag him out.  Cesaro hugs Heyman and they start to leave as Barrett hits Winds of Change.
  • Barrett is yelling at them and turns around into a Brogue Kick.  Sheamus tags in RVD who hits the Frog Splash leap for the pinfall.


Damien Sandow comes out as Lange Stephenson.  Haahahaha

He would love to be preparing for a game right now, but they lost.

Chris Copeland is in the audience- ha!  There is also a hoop in the ring.

"I would like to publicly state that Lebron James is the greatest player in NBA History.  The Indiana Pacers are a losing team from a losing city.  I am just stating the facts."

As an act of charity he is now giving a demonstration of his skills.

He starts doing tricks with the basketball but he comes the Big Show.

"How dare you interupt my display of made skills! You think you got game! Try and get on the board!"

Sandow tosses him the ball and starts wildly gesturing in defense.

Show throws the ball at Sandow and then dunks it.


Bo Dallas vs Kofi Kingston

Result: Dallas wins by pinfall


  • Bo says that the Heat won because everyone on the team, especially Lebron, Bo-lieve!
  • Dallas with a shoulder block that knocks Kofi down so he goes to the outside and celebrates- "I am winning".  He then offers his hand to Kofi.  Some chain wrestling leads to Kofi with a back spring elbow and a dropkick that sends Bo to the outside.
  • Bo shakes hands and then tries to kick him but Kofi caught it and hit one of his own.  Dallas with a neckbreaker and then a back body drop.  Series of running knee drops.  Bo with a neck crank and Kofi tries to fight out and hits a second rope missile dropkick.  Series of strikes from Kofi that leads to a comeback.
  • I missed the rest of the match but Bo one and went to shake his hand but Kofi denied him.


Footage of Batista reiterating to a back stage reporter that he is done with WWE.


Renee tries to enter HHH's office to get a comment on the status of Evolution.

Stephanie comes out and says he has some breaking news coming up as she is about to talk the state of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


Stephanie McMahon out to the ring and she says that last night Bryan showed himself to be a selfish man.  He cost his wife her job and is costing the fans a fighting champion.

She talks about the slap and calls it absurd but she is tough, she is a McMahon.

She says that at Money in the Bank if Bryan can compete he will face Kane in a Stretcher Match and if he can't- the titles will be on the line in the Money in the Bank match.

Out comes Cena.  Interesting.

Steph makes a crack that he is as well liked as she is.

He says that after the fight Wyatt put up last night, we won't see the last of him.

Duel chants now and he just lets it breathe.

Steph tries to stop them after a bit, but Cena says to let the people have their fun.

Cena says the championship situation has gotten out of hand.

Cena says the fans do deserve a fighting champion and when she tries to agree he says that not even she is bigger then the championship as he calls her spoiled.

He calls out Steph for her hatred of Bryan and says face facts.  Bryan is damn good.

Cena goes on to pump up Bryan and brings up his own relinquishing of the title.

Steph says that Bryan is good, but not great.  He isn't like Cena.

Cena says that he has had surgeries that put him out.  HHH has had surgeries that put him out.  Even Steph has had surgeries.

"That surgery put me in action" -Steph

Cena says that all of these machinations have hurt business and just shows her to be terrible at her job.

He rates her a zero on her job performance.

She doesn't care.

Steph decides to book Cena in a match with Kane.

"Payback is a bitch John, but then so am I"


John Cena vs Kane

Result: Cena wins by DQ


  • They started the match during the break.  Back from break and Kane is beating on Cena but he fires back with a dropkick.  His follow up is countered into a side slam.  Kane with some more strikes but Cena comes back with some of his own and then the shoulder blocks leading to the five knuckle shuffle.
  • Cena goes for the AA but Kane counters and is beating on Cena in the corner.  Ref tells him to stop and he doesn't so the ref DQs him.
  • Kane goes and throws him onto the steps.  Kane tries to follow up but Cena counters and throws the steps at Kane.  As Cena heads to the back Kane gets up and goes crazy.


Renee approaches Orton in the back for his thoughts on Batista but Orton brushes it aside because he has a match against Reigns tonight.


Los Matadores out to the ring and out comes 3MB.

Slater interrupts them and says that Hornswoggle is actually back and better then ever.

Hornswoggle has an afro wig.

Los Matadores w/ El Torito vs 3MB (McIntyre and Slater) w/ Mahal and Hornswoggle

Result: Los Matadores win by pinfall


  • McIntyre with the advantage on the matador and he hits some clubbing blows.  Slater with the tag and he attacks.  Hornswoggle is air guitaring on the apron when Torito steals the wig.  Hornswoggle retreats to the back as Slater looks on which gives the matador the chance for the roll up and the win.


Nikki Bella vs Alicia Fox and Aksana



  • Well that was over quickly as they basically squashed Nikki.
  • Fox tosses her out of the ring post match and then runs the ropes and does a cartwheel.
  • Then Aksana stomps on her a bit before Fox hits a tilt a whirl back breaker and they stomp some more.


Harper with a fantastic pre-taped promo. He absolutely nails it as he talks of putting down all the non-believers for the rampant beasts that they are.

Go watch it if you haven't.

"Follow the Buzzards" -Rowan


WE come back from break and Real Americans are already in the ring and he is talking of deporting Adam Rose and hippies.

Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter vs Adam Rose w/ The Exotic Express

Result: Rose wins by pinfall


  • Swagger charges in with a lock but misses with a punch so Rose slaps his ass.  Swagger comes back firing with some punches and kicks.  Rose dodges one more and slaps his ass again.
  • Swagger charges again but gets laid out with a big clothesline and then some uppercuts in the corner.  Swagger takes his head off though with a big boot.
  • Belly to belly gets a nearfall.  Swagger with the double hooks as the the fans start in with the theme song.  Rose gets a big boot in and dodges Swagger's punch and fires back with a series of his own before a swinging neck breaker.
  • Bronco Buster with just the initial impact and then the Party Foul for the for the win.


Byron Saxton is in the back with the Usos and he asks them about their match with the Wyatts tonight.

They are banged up but they are ready to roll because they had a blast last night at Payback.

They will deliver as much as it takes to put down the Wyatts tonight.


The Usos vs the Wyatt Family

Result: Wyatt Family wins by pinfall


  • Wyatt is not out there with the family.
  • Rowan opens up with a series of punches to the injured ribs and the Uso comes back with some of his own.  Rowan lays him out with a should block and then hits some strikes in the corner as Harper tags himself in.
  • Harper is bullying the Uso around the ring until he fires back with a crossbody.  Jimmy tags in and hits a big flying elbow in the corner as Jey is grinding his should into Harper's gut.  Harper fires back with a clothesline and then tags in Rowan.
  • Rowan with some punches and then he cranks on Jimmy's head.  Harper tags in and hits a few slams before tagging back in Rowan who does the same.
  • Hot tag and apparently I had them mixed up as Jimmy takes it to Rowan with some strikes and a splash before sending him to the outside.  Jey joins in the action when Harper tries to interfere and the hit with a double superkick that sends him to the outside as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Harper is beating on Jey on the outside.  They make it back to the ring and both make tags.  Rowan with some clubbing blows on Jimmy and a splash in the corner.  He goes for a spear but Jimmy dodges and then hits a twisting moonsault off the top rope.
  • Both men make the tags and Jey hits a flying punch off the top rope and then one after running the ropes.  He follows up with a kick that Harper cataches but spins him into antoher one.  Double splash in the corner but Rowan gets in a cheap shot.  As Jey fights of Rowan Harper tries for a roll up.  Jey with a series of kicks and he goes up top.  Rowan tries to interfere again but Rowan with the distraction so he splashes Rowan on the outside.  Harper then hits a suicide dive.  He turns right around into one from Jimmy.
  • Jey with a huge superkick to Harper as they get back into the ring but it only gets a two count.  Harper gets a tag in and Rowan lays him out with a huge slam to get the pinfall.


Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio

Results: Del Rio wins by submission


  • Early lock up leads to a flurry of kicks and punches from Del Rio.  Ziggler goes for the roll up and then hits a neckbreaker.  Series of ten elbow drops from Ziggler.  Del Rio fires back and then nails an enziguiri before laying into Ziggler with some punches to to thead.
  • Arm lock from Del Rio leads to Ziggler firing back with some punches but he is quickly slammed by Del Rio who then chokes him in the ropes a bit.  Suplex gets a one count before another arm lock.
  • Del Rio goes for the tilt a whirl back breaker but Ziggler is able to land on his feet and then hits a dropkick.  Flying crossbody and a flurry of punches before a splash in the corner.  He goes for a neckbreaker but Del Rio counters.
  • Del Rio goes for a suplex but Ziggler lands on his feet and hits a Fameasser for a two count.  Del Rio with the tilt a whirl back breaker.Del Rio goes up top but Ziggler meets him up there and hits a face buster for a two count.
  • Ziggler tries to follow up but Del Rio locks in the cross arm breaker for the win.


Rybaxel vs Goldust and Sin Cara (who Cody selected to be Goldy's partner)

Result: Rybaxel wins by pinfall


  • Cody is looking on in the back.
  • Goldie and Axel start things off.  Axel with a shoulder block and then slide unders a Goldie kick but Goldie hits the atomic drop.  Axel with some clotheslines and then tags in Ryback.
  • Ryback with some forearms and Goldie tags in Sin Cara who hits a missile dropkick.  Some kicks and then a tag back into Goldie.
  • Ryback with some knees and then him and Axel exchange quick tags as they just beat the ever living crap out of Goldie.  Each man is getting in some quick offense before Axel hits a double forearm drop off the second rope before forearm drop.   Ryback tags and tries the same but Goldie gets the boot up and then the hot tag.
  • Sin Cara takes it to Ryback with some strikes who tags in Axel.  Sin Cara with a hurricarana and Ryback interferes.  Goldie makes the save.
  • Sin Cara goes for the swanton bomb but misses and Axel hits his finisher for the win.


Hero of the Russian Federation Ceremoney

They have a great set up in the ring that we get a brief glance of.

Lana comes out and says that America likes to project that it is the hero of the world but it isn't.

Fans start chanting USA and she tells them to shut up.

She brings up Snowden and says that they are letting him practice the First Ammendment unlike he could in America.

In Russia she says they honor and cherish their heroes, unlike in the US.

Putin has authorized Putin to be awarded as a Hero of the Russian Federation.

Rusev comes out in a suit and waving a flag.

They have guards in the ring, red carpet, and a podium with the Russian flag for him to stand on.

As Rusev stands on the podium the fans chant USA and Lana tells them to shut up once again.

A delegate awards him a medal that is a giant star.

Rusev speaks in Russian a bit and then Lana has them play the Russian National Anthem as confetti reigns down.

That was glorious.


Shield comes out and Ambrose talks about beating Evolution without a single elimination.  That is what he calls dominations.

Rollins says that the Shield adapted while Evolution perished and then he talks of of Evolution's demise.

Reigns says he is ready to break Orton's jaw.  Rollins readies a chair.

HHH and Orton comes out.  HHH has the sledge and he says there is always a plan B.




He exits the ring and hands the chair to Orton.

Orton lays in Reigns with it and then RKOs him onto the chair as Rollins and HHH enter the ring.

Fans are chanting You Sold Out at various points.

HHH puts his arm around Rollins and Orton as we head to black.


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