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Video: Kevin Hart on Jimmy Fallon talks appearance on WWE Raw in Cleveland

Kevin Hart as a guest on "Monday Night Raw" this week and while making the media rounds to promote his latest movie, he talked about his appearance on the show.

Of note from the video:

- Hart says he "can't stop talking in my wrestling voice", which is funny if only because he didn't use that voice while he was actually on a wrestling program.

- Triple H's hand is bigger than his chest.

- He wasn't supposed to get in the ring but he got caught up when Adam Rose pointed at him to climb in and dance around. He claims the crowd cheered loud enough that the encouragement prompted him to hop in the ring and have some fun.

- He's upset at the people with Jimmy Fallon because they replayed the clip of his getting in the ring. If you notice, he climbs in between the bottom and middle rope, something no fully grown men in wrestling do. He's a good sport about it at least.

Hart generally seems to have had a great time both on Monday Night Raw this week and talking about it with Fallon right here, so all's well that ends well.

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