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Naomi posts pic backstage at WWE Raw, catches heat for it

Kevin Hart was a guest on last night's episode of Monday Night Raw in Cleveland, Ohio, and, because he's a hugely famous celebrity adored by the masses, the wrestlers wanted to take pictures with him. Many did exactly that and rushed to post said pictures on their social media accounts.

Naomi of the Funkadactyls is one of those people, and she caught some heat for posting a pic of herself with Hart backstage on Instagram. The reason? The pic clearly shows Kane and John Cena standing next to each other behind them. This was before their Stretcher match in the night's main event.

Here's the pic:


She quickly deleted it after catching heat for it. But instead of leaving it down, she altered the photo and posted it once more:


This isn't the first time a performer has got themselves in trouble for posting a pic without realizing what's going on in the background. Back at Extreme Rules, Short Sleeve Sampson posted a photo to his Facebook showing John Cena and Bray Wyatt in the the background working out the match they were going to have later.


If nothing else, this serves as a message to all wrestlers that if you're going to take pics backstage at WWE events, or even in the arena before the show, maybe pay attention to what's going on around you.

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