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WWE Raw results, live blog (June 16, 2014): The Kevin Hart Show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 16, 2014) from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for later this month in Boston. It's also the Kevin Hart show!

Advertised for tonight: Kevin Hart guest hosts, another qualifier for the Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE world heavyweight title, and much more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.


HHH and Stephanie are out and they have the roster out on the stage for a meeting.

They are trying to turn the roster and the fans on Daniel Bryan by saying we deserved better then Daniel Bryan.  He wasn't a fighting champion.

Because of this no one on the roster could get a shot at the WWEWHC.

Battle Royal for a spot in the WWEWHC match.

Ambrose, Reigns, and Cena won't be in the match because they have refused to comply and evolve.

Cena though will get his shot though in a stretcher match with Kane because Stephanie promised the fans that they would get one, so HHH is delivering.


Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler

Results: Ziggler wins by DQ


  • Early exchange of holds leads to Ziggler hitting a shoulder block and some arm drags.  Rollins heads to the outside to collect himself before heading back in to engage.
  • Headlock take down from Rollins and a trio of suplexs as we head to break.
  • As we come back and Rollins is in control but Ziggler fight out and hits a flurry of punches in the corner and a big cross body.
  • Neckbreaker attempt from Ziggler gets countered into an enziguiri by Rollins.  Rollins goes for the curb stomp but Ziggler dodges and hits the big DDT.  Ziggler with another cross body and he goes for the Fameasser but Rollins counters with a Buckle Bomb attempt but Ziggler counters into a sunset flip for two.
  • Rollins tries to take back control but Ziggler locks in the sleeper.  The two exchange a series of counters that leads to Ziggler hitting the Fameasser for a two count.
  • Rollins goes for a second rope moonsault but Ziggler dodges and tries to roll him up.  Dolph tries for the DDT again but Rollins successfully counters with the Buckle Bomb.  He picks up Ziggler and nails him with another one.
  • He hits the curb stomp but Ambrose swarms him (wearing jeans and a leather jacket).  Rollins bails to the stage.
  • Ambrose takes the mic and he is going nuts.  He wants to beat in his corporate face and tells Rollins to come down and fight him like a man.
  • HHH gets on the titantron and says for Ambrose to calm down.  He likes that Ambrose likes to fight though, but he has some Bad News and out comes Barrett.


Dean Ambrose vs Bad News Barrett

Result: Barrett wins by countout


  • We come back mid match.  Ambrose has ditched the leather jacket and is wrestling in his jeans and tank top.
  • Ambrose with a cross body and a suplex before grinding his fist into Barrett's face.  Barrett fires back with some punches and kicks before hitting a neckbreaker.
  • Elbow drop and then a couple of slams.  Ambrose fires back with one of his own but Barrett prevents the follow up with a big kick to the guy and then a kick to the head.
  • Ambrose Thesz Press and his is swinging wildly before hitting a clothesline that sends Barrett to the outside and then he slingshots himself to the outside with a crossbody.  He slams Barrett's head into the steps and then tosses Barrett back inside.
  • Ambrose goes up top but Barrett with a huge punch that sends him tumbling into the apron.  Ambrose selling the shoulder hard that was apparently injured on Smackdown.  Ambrose tries to go back inside and Barrett kicks the shoulder.  Barrett gets to the outside and slams Ambrose's shoulder down as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Barrett is still taking it to the shoulder on the outside.  Barrett puts him into the post and then tosses him into the inside and slaps on a chicken wing.  Ambrose fights his way out but the shoulder is slowing him up as he is taking it to Barrett around the ring before slapping his shoulder and hitting a tornado DDT.
  • They start trading blows and Barrett hits the Winds of Change.  He goes for Wasteland but Ambrose escapes and hits the ring rope clohtesline.
  • Rollins on the announce table now that distracts Ambrose.  He is able to fend of both Barrett and Rollins before hitting a suicide dive to both of them.  Ambrose starts brawling with Rollins into the crowds but he gets counted out.
  • Barrett starts to celebrate but Ambrose nails him with a clohtesline from behind and then Dirty Deeds.


Reigns in the back and he is trying to convince Vickie to put him in the Battle Royale.

She is carrying coffee for the Authority presumably and it looks like he slips something into the coffee.


Wyatt out to the ring and there is a ladder set up.

They keep the lights off as he cuts a promo about only caring about power and influence.

The WWEWHC represents the ultimate power and influence in this company.

He tells us to look at Rowan and Harper.  In our society they are outcasts and loser, but with him they have power and influence.

They will defeat the Usos adn the Wyatts will have built up there power and influence even more.

Power and Influence.  It's all about the Power and Influence.

At Money in the Bank, Wyatt will take control off all of the power and influence while he takes the whole word in his hands.

Sheamus comes out now.  He says he is going to shove his whole boot down Wyatt's throat.

"I LIKE THAT!" -Wyatt

Sheamus says "It' time to fight (pause) FELLA!"

Sheamus vs Bray Wyatt

Result: Sheamus wins by DQ


  • They start trading punches and Sheamus takes control with some forearms and uppercuts.  Wyatt counters back with a headbutt and then whips Sheamus hard into the corner.
  • Sheamus counters the follow up with a slam and some stomps.  Back to trading punches and Wyatt gets the advantage.  Wyatt builds up a head of steam but Sheamus lays him out with a clothesline and then goes to work with some knees.
  • Sheamus goes up to the second rope and hits a big right hand.  Wyatt crawls to the apron and Sheamus tries for his forearm spot but Wyatt fights back.  Sheamus knocks him to the floor and tries to follow up but Rowan and Harper converge on him.
  • Out come the Usos to stand guard as we head to break.
  • Back from break and both men are on their knees slugging it out as they make it back to their feet.  Sheamus with some clothesline and a high running knee.  Wyatt fires back with a crossbody.  They make brawl some more before Wyatt gets trapped in the ropes and hit with the forearms.
  • Sheamus goes for White Noise but Wyatt escapes.  Wyatt with a running knee but his follow up is countered into a power slam by Sheamus.
  • Sheamus readies the Brogue Kick but Harper and Rowan attack.  Usos try to make the save but Wyatt got involved as well.  Rowan and Harper take the Usos to the inside with a ladderand Sheamus recovers and hits the rolling firemen's carry to Wyatt on the outside.
  • Rowan and Harper are beating on the Usos when Sheamus makes the save.  They send them to the outside and Sheamus holds the ladder in place against the ropes as the Usos run up it for suicide dives to Rowan and Harper


In the back Vickie delivers the coffee and spills some on HHH due to sneezing


Renee tries interviewing Sephanie McMahon but she has to run off quickly.

Heyman comes in and starts putting over Cesaro winning the WWEWHC in the ladder match.


Rusev vs Slater

Results: Rusev wins by submission


  • Tonight Lana cuts her promo in the ring instead of on the stage.
  • With the USA chants she has to tell them to shut up and listen.  We are weaklings who aren't real men.  Especially compared to the masculinity of Vladimir Putin.  Our monuments will crumble which leads to a photoshop of Mount Rushmore.  Rusev get a few lines in about being the super athlete.
  • SLATER TAKES THE MIC!!!!  Slater says that if they like Russia so much they should go back.  He is an American Rock Star!
  • Slater opens up with some punches but then gets laid out by a jumping side kick.
  • Stomp and then the Accolade for the win.


Steph is throwing up in the back as HHH questions Vickie about the tea.  Steph throws up all over Vickie.

HHH says they are leaving and leaves Vickie in charge.

Vickie screams.


Reigns talks to Vickie and tells her that she knows that Steph will fire her next week.

Reigns asks her to do something right and put her in the battle royale.

She does so


Young tries to interview Hart, but the Exotic Express interrupts.


Hart out to commentary now.

Fandango and Layla are out now.

Then comes Summer and she brings the Exotic Express with her.

Adam Rose and Summer Rae vs Fandango and Layla

Result: Rose and Summer win by pinfall


  • Fandango and Rose lock up but Summer quickly makes the tag.  She attacks and Layla runs while making the tag.
  • Summer chases her out of the arena as Rose and Fandango exchange strikes.
  • Rose hits the Party Foul for the win.
  • Rose brings in Hart to celebrate with him


Battle Royale for as spot in the WWEWHC

Result: Reigns wins


  • This is impossible to really liveblog so highlights will probably be sparse until the field is most eliminated.
  • Sandow was in a Lebron Heat Jersey and got jumped by everyone and was the first one eliminated.
  • After a while we are down to BNB, RVD, Bo Dallas, Rusev, Reigns, and Ryback
  • BNB and Dallas team up on RVD as the others are down and Dallas is able to get the elimination on RVD.
  • He goes to celerbate with BNB and give him a hug.  Barrett lays him out with clothesline and tries to send him out but Dallas saves himself.
  • Rusev and Reigns quickly clean house with everyone in flash.
  • They start to brawl and Reigns sends Rusev out to earn himself a spot


Young interviews Cena in the back.  Nothing of note was really said.


Paige vs Cameron

Result: Cameron wins by pinfall


  • Paige with the open strikes but Cameron fires back.  Cameron with some shots to the face and Paige hits a suplex.
  • She is pissed off at Cameron who pleads with Paige and then goes for her knees.  Paige responds with some clotheslines and kicks.
  • Paige locks in the Modified Scorpion Crosslock for the win


Byron Saxton interviews Goldust in the back and they talk about the mystery partner without reveling the identity.


Rybaxel is already in the ring and the mystery partner is- Stardust

Stardust is Cody in Goldust make up.

Goldust and Stardust vs Rybaxel

Result: Dust Bros win by pinfall


  • The Dust boys open up with the early assault and Star takes it to Axel with some strikes and then a slingshot clothesline.  A weird back kick from Star and then some top rope cutterish type thing for the win.  I didn't get a good look at it because of my laughter at this turn of events.


Stretcher Match for a spot in the WWEWHC Ladder Match: John Cena vs Kane



  • They brawl and make it to the outside quickly.  Kane puts Cena head into the stairs and Cena fights back and does the same.  Kane with a right hand that lays out Cena.
  • Kane tries to put Cena on the stretcher but Cena escapes as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Kane nails Cena with a chair.  Kane wedges the chair in the corner.  Kane tries to put Cena into it but Cena counters and puts Kane into it.  Cena comes off the top rope but Kane catches him with a chokeslam.
  • Kane goes for the steps but Cena with a dropkick to the knee and Kane tumbles and the steps hit him in the head.
  • They both recover and brawl to the outside.  Kane with a powerslam onto the floor and he puts Cena on the stretcher and starts to wheel him to the line.
  • Cena gets off the stretcher and goes after Kane hard with strikes and puts him into the post.  He tries to put him into the barrier but Kane counters and does so to Cena.  Kane prepares the announce table but Cena counters and hits the AA on Kane through the table.
  • Cena picks Kane up and carries him all the way over to the stretcher on the ramp and tries to put him on it but it slides out from under Kane.  Cena puts Kane on a different stretcher but out comes Rollins and Orton come out.
  • Rollins and Orton start to beat on Cena and toss him into the ring.
  • Orton with the RKO.  Rollins gets a chair and Ambrose comes out like a mad man and cleans house of Rollins and Orton, but he turns around right into a Kane chokeslam.
  • Cena comes and save Ambrose from Kane and then takes the steel steps and throws them at Kane from inside the ring to the outside.
  • Cena puts Kane on the stretcher and rolls him up.  Near the line Kane sits up and attacks but Cena hits an AA onto the stretcher and finishes rolling him past the line




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