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Renee Young ribbed for not wearing shoes during interview with Evolution on Raw Backstage Pass

Following last night's (May 26, 2014) episode of Monday Night Raw in Knoxville, Tennessee, "Backstage Pass" came on the WWE Network, as it always does. Usually, you can feel safe in skipping these shows -- mostly because nothing of note happens, plus we're rocking on Cageside Live at that time -- but last night was different.

Last night, Renee Young was the subject of a rib for not wearing shoes during an interview with Evolution.

Triple H: "The big question is why don't you wear shoes when you do these?"

Renee: "I ... don't have an answer for that."

There's so much to love about this. Triple H asking the question while looking at her as though he's mad about it when the phrasing of the question clearly shows he's not. Renee trying to play it cool despite being a little flustered and caught off guard by Triple H actually calling attention to her not wearing shoes. Alex Riley's utter and complete inability to hold it together after all this. Josh Matthews attempting to muster up an explanation for the situation and only coming up with "well ... uh ..." only for Santino Marella to jump in to help with "she's a hippie!"

Good times.

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