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Coulda Been Betta: Get JBL off my TV

Quite possibly the worst booked episode of RAW this's hard to fix it, but when an announcer basically no-sells an attack, that stands out.

I'm going to keep this brief, because I'm debating writing a longer piece on a comparison of Payback 2014 to Slamboree 1998, in terms of how it was booked ahead of time and how bad the business surrounding it is for WWE.

RAW was an awful, awful show that featured almost nothing worth mentioning and at least one segment that actually made me embarrassed to have been watching wrestling last night. We all know what that something was, but it was Cole's reaction to it that made it ten thousand times worse.

Adam Rose is one of the worst overreactions in recent memory. The booking of the women's division makes so little sense that if they're not going to take it seriously, at some point you just stop HAVING a Divas Championship. No reason whatsoever for Fox to lose to Emma, who is not associated with the angle at all and leading into a "title" match on Sunday. If your argument is the division and wins and losses don't matter, then why use them at all? RVD, your contender for the IC, lost a match to Cesaro, which would be fine except that it never should have been booked in the first place. And blah blah blah...

But when JBL, who has quickly become completely unwatchable, takes a vicious clothesline from Luke Harper and returns twenty minutes later and with the exception of calling it the hardest clothesline he's ever taken...acts like it was nothing, we're approaching pure lunacy.

JBL screams...all the time. Wade Barrett's other nickname should be "Ha ha ha ha My-Kuhl, I love this guy. I bet he's got some bad news for us!" He has no sense of tone except in the most serious moments, which because everything else is such a cartoon with him, makes even those occasions sound atrociously fake.

Were we better off with JBL coming back out to announce after being attacked or could he have sold it, because it was a clothesline to his throat, which last I checked he uses to talk, and just took the rest of the night off. He doesn't have to sell it for a month, but how about two hours since he hasn't been an in-ring performer in around five years. It would be like Cris Carter taking a full-on tackle from Navarro Bowman in the third quarter on a sideline and still doing the postgame show...if football was scripted.

If you want JBL on the majority of the show, run the Wyatt angle later in the night. But why would anyone want that right now?

Looking at Payback and just about everything booked outside of the ring work itself since the night after Wrestlemania, I'm nearly convinced someone with power on the inside is attempting to sabotage the company.

And let me ask you this is closing...where are they going next, when most of these angles end on Sunday night? What do they have in store and who have they built to be able to do it with? At some point, they'll have to look at themselves when the Network numbers don't hit the appropriate levels.

Who is paying money now to see these "special" events when the events are anything but?

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