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Daniel Bryan NOT stripped of the WWE title; decision delayed until Payback this Sunday in Chicago

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In the opening segment of tonight's (May 26, 2014) episode of Monday Night Raw in Knoxville, Tennessee, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H came out to the ring to run down WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan as a good wrestler with a "B+" player's body.

You know, because of that pesky neck injury and all.

They demanded Bryan "do the right thing" and surrender the title(s) because, again, that's what's best for business. The segment ended in Brad Maddox getting fired (more on that here) and fans being made to wait for Bryan's ultimate decision.

That decision came later in the show at the start of the third hour.

Bryan did NOT relinquish the WWE world heavyweight title. In fact, when prompted he got in Stephanie's face and shouted "NO" over and over. It was then that Stephanie brought up the fact that Brie Bella, Daniel's wife, put her hands on Stephanie -- "THE BOSS" -- a couple weeks back and Bryan can either decide to drop the belt(s) at Payback this coming Sunday night in Chicago or Brie will be fired.

So the decision has been pushed back for another six days.

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