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Brad Maddox fired as WWE Raw General Manager

Although tonight's (May 26, 2014) episode of Monday Night Raw in Knoxville, Tennessee, was built around Daniel Bryan making a big decision regarding the WWE world heavyweight championship, the opening segment featured someone else being relieved of something.

That would be Brad Maddox getting future endeavored by Stephanie McMahon.

As the story goes, it was Maddox who allowed Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to be out on commentary during last week's Raw, leading to a brawl between The Shield and Evolution, one the former team came out ahead of. Because Triple H was unhappy about this, and, of course, because it wasn't best for business, he was given his walking papers.

By "walking papers" I mean Kane was brought out to hit Maddox with a chokeslam and a Tombstone leading to a stretcher job.

It should be noted it was Stephanie McMahon who delivered the news and she delivered it only after Maddox had been beaten down.

Raw is now without a General Manager, Cagesiders. Immediately after this happened, the following tweet showed up:


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Update: Here's the video.

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