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WWE Raw results, live blog (May 26, 2014): The Decision, Payback go home show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 26, 2014) from the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee, featuring the go home show to the Payback pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this coming Sunday night in Chicago.

Advertised for tonight: A decision on whether or not Daniel Bryan will be stripped of the WWE world heavyweight championship, all the final angles to the big PPV this coming weekend, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.


Memorial Day tribute package.


HHH and Stephanie are out to start things.

Steph says tonight is historic edition of Raw because of the choice Bryan has to make.

She says that the champion must be fighting week in and week out, but he just physically can't.

The chants are roaring and she encourages them.  She uses that to make the case that he should surrender because the fans should be getting to chant for a champion competing week in and week out.

HHH says Bryan wants to, but the body is limiting him.  Tonight is about choices and every generation has wrestlers that rise to superstars.  Evolution has done that before and the Shield wants to piggyback on that, but you can't stop Evolution.

HHH says the Shield has a choice tonight as well.

Steph then mentions that Brad Maddox must be dealt with tonight.

Maddox comes out and they urge him to the ring.

They ask him why he made the choice to make the Shield guest commentators.

Maddox says he was forced to.

Steph says she understands that he feels like he didn't have a choice.

Kane's music hits.

Kane lays out Maddox as Steph just has the most sadistic smile.

"Teach him a lesson Kane"

Kane hits the Tombstone on Maddox.

As Kane hits his pyro, Steph says to cut the music and lights.

"We didn't get to finish the conversation- You're Fired"


Bo Dallas video package


Cesaro w/ Heyman vs RVD

Result: Cesaro wins by pinfall


  • Before the match can start, Bad News Barrett comes out to deliver some bad news about summer.
  • Cesaro opens up fast and furious as BNB joins the commentary team.  Series of uppercuts and a suplex.  RVD with a leg scissor take down and a jumping kick.  RVD sends Cesaro to the outside and when he follows up with a springboard to the outside Cesaro catches him and slams him into the barrier.  Off to commercial break.
  • Back from break and Cesaro gets a nearfall before Gorilla Pressing RVD for another nearfall.  Cesaro slaps on a chinlock RVD fights his way out and lands a big kick.
  • RVD with a clothesline and then a superkick that leads to Rolling Thunder for a two count.  RVD with an elbow to a charging Cesaro and then a senton off the top rope for a two count.  Cesaro rolls to the outside but RVD hits a splash to the outside and then superkicks BNB.
  • RVD and Cesaro make back to the ring where they exchange strikes.  BNB tries to interfere but gets kicked by RVD.  Cesaro takes advantage with the bridging German suplex for the win.
  • Sheamus comes out now and fights it out with Cesaro.  Sheamus ends things with the Brogue Kick


Summer Rae vs Eva Marie

Result: Eva Marie wins by pinfall


  • Eva with an early slap and some kicks.  She taunts the crowd by blowing kisses at them.
  • Summer goes to town in the corner with some strikes and the ref has to pull her off, so Summer tosses Eva half way across the ring.  Summer starts slamming her head into the mat.
  • Out comes Fandango and Layla now.  After they dance Layla grabs Fandango and starts making out with him.
  • Summer goes into a rage and Eva Marie gets the roll up for the win.


Rhodes Bros comes back to what is acting as HHH's office.  Orton and Batista are there.  Orton brings up getting them fired.

Rhodes says that they have actually beat the Shield.

"Ten years ago you were HHH's lackey and today you are still HHH"s lackey"

He then calls Batista a skinny jeans sell out.

HHH enters and Rhodes demands to get some action, so HHH books them against Orton and Batista.

When Rhodes Bros leaves, HHH comforts Batista- "You've got big legs"


El Torito vs Drew McIntyre

Result: Torito wins by pinfall


  • El Torito and McIntyre taunt each other a bit.  El Torito goes for a splash off the second rope but gets caught.  When McIntyre tosses him in the air, Torito counters with an arm drag.
  • Torito goes for a moounsault off the second rope but McIntyre counters with a powerslam.  McIntyre then tosses him around the ring by his leg.
  • McIntyre teases a vertical suplex but decides to go to the second rope for a superplex.  Los Matadores with a distraction that causes Torito to fall off.  I think he was supposed to hit a move there but couldn't.  3MB takes out Los MAtadores as Torito drops McIntyre off the second rope for the pinfall.
  • 3MB jumps Torito after the match and Hornswoggle is able to steal his tail before Los Matadores drags him out for the save


Los Matadores and Torito in the back with the doctor.

"I'm not a veterinarian!"


The Wyatt Family is here.

Bray just cut a sphenomenal promo on Cena.  Great stuff that I can't do justice.

Wyatt then turns his attention to Lawler.

"Come on Jerry, I don't bite."

The lights come on and he sends Harper and Rowan to the outside.

"This can be very easy or very difficult Jerry.  I just want to talk"

He threatens Cole and JBL so they don't interfere.

JBL has had enough and tries to make a stand and is laid out by Harper and Rowan.

Jerry gets up now and decides to cooperate.

He has Lawler sit in a chair in the ring.

Wyatt confronts Lawler about his relationship with Cena over the years.

Wyatt says he must take out Lawler to help destroy the evil that is Cena.

Cena finall hits the ring now but is quickly overwhelmed by Harper and Rowan as Wyatt grinds his boot into Lawler's face in the corner.

Wyatt says he is going to end Cena at Payback and tonight he wants to watch his friend fall.

As Harper and Rowan force Cena to watch, Wyatt is about to hit Sister Abigail when the Usos make the save and the ring gets cleared of the Wyatts.

Cena on the mic says that enough is enough because Wyatt has crossed some lines.

As Cena starts to talk, Wyatt screams "I AM A GOD".

Cena asks Wyatt if he even realizes what he saying.

He quotes Lincoln.

Wyatt isn't a necessary evil, he is evil.

At Payback, Cena is bringing Wyatt to justice and justice is a bitch.

Solid promo from Cena to close out a really good segment all around.


JBL is missing because he has been taken to the back.


Ryder is out now.  You read that right, Ryder.

He has a big American flag and starts to talk "Today is Memorial Day in the United States"

*cue Lana's music*

She talks about the US always dwelling on past glories, brings up Putin, and then Rusev comes out.

Rusev w/ Lana vs Zack Ryder



  • Rusev opens up with a big kick and slam.  He starts ground and pound on Ryder as chants of USA erupt.
  • "Rusev Crush!" and he locks in the Accolade for the win.
  • Rusev doesn't let go so Big E hits the scene to make the save but Rusev lays into him with kicks.  Big E fires back with some clohteslines and sends Rusev to the outside.
  • Big E takes up the flag and waves it in the ring.


Steph and ADR talking in the back, but we can't hear what they are saying.


Rhodes Bros vs Orton and Batista

Result: Orton and Batista win by pinfall


  • Batista and Cody start things off.  Batista with the early offense and Cody gets the tag to Orton.
  • Batista drive Goldy into the corner and Orton makes the tag.  Orton misses with a big uppercut and Goldy takes advantage with some strikes before tagging in Cody who hits an axe handle off the top rope.
  • Orton gets back control with a scoop slam and some punches in the corner.  Rhodes fires back with some punches and kicks of his own.  Suplex but Orton gets the tag to Batista.
  • Batista with some slams and a big elbow.  Rhodes fights out and gets a tag to Goldy who gets hit with a Spinebuster.  Goldy rolls to the outside as Batista tags Orton.  Commercial break time.
  • Back from break and Batista lays out Goldy.  Goldy and Batista trade strikes and both make tags.
  • Cody takes control with hot fire.  He takes out both Orton and then Batista.  He goes for the disaster kick but Orton hits the RKO!  Amazing finish.
  • Announcement comes that it was actually made an elimination match and is now No DQ.
  • Orton and Batista just start to annihilate Goldy.  Goldy tries to spring to life but gets speared by Batista.  Orton with an RKO and then Batista hits the Batista Bomb to get the win.


Bo Dallas video package.  He is up next!


JBL is back

Bo Dallas vs Sin Cara

Result: Bo wins by pinfall


  • Bo Tebows in the ring and then gets the mic.  Raw is the summit at the top of his dreams.  We don't conquer the mountains, we conquer ourselves.  All you have to do is Bo-lieve!
  • Dallas with an arm drag and he celebrates big time and even goes and high fives fans.
  • Sin Cara takes advantage and hits a baseball slide then a splash.
  • Dallas fires back as they make it back to the ring.  Bo with a suplex and then two running knee drops then he winds up for a big third knee.
  • Sin Cara with some springboard elbows and a Samoan Drop.  He goes up top but Bo recovers so Sin Cara follows him and ends up getting face planted into the turnbuckle and then the Bo-dog for the pinfall.
  • Bo takes a victory lap around the ring before taking the mic.  You don't get satisfaction from victory, you get it from effort.  All you have to do is Bo-lieve!  Then he goes and shakes Sin Cara's hand.


Steph comes out and says it is time for Daniel Bryan to do the right thing.

She says she understands its a long road to recovery and she could strip him of the title, but she doesn't want to make him a martyr.

She tells Bryan that he knows that the people deserve and active champion and that he isn't a selfish man so he will do the right thing for the fans.

Bryan says it is with a heavy heart that the injury to his neck is worse than originally thought.

He says there is no shame in going away and healing while handing over the titles.  Steph agrees and says she will guarantee him another title shot.

"Oh yeah, like I want to go through that again"

Bryan says it isn't about him, its all about Steph because he beat HHH at WM and then won the titles.  If he hands the titles over, it loses its meaning and is a disservice to the fans.


Good stuff.

Bryan says he isn't surrendering the titles!

Steph says that forces her to bring up Brie putting her hands on Steph a couple of weeks ago.

She gives Bryan one more chance to do the right thing.

At Payback he can surrender the titles or she will take action against Brie.


Alicia Fox vs Emma (without Santino!)

Result: Emma wins by pinfall


  • Fox with some early shoving and goes for a kick but Emma catches the kick and hits a clothesline.  They trade blows in the corner and Emma locks in the Dilemma.  Emma with the low splash in the corner.
  • Fox kicks her way out and then starts to bail to the back.  When Emma follows, Fox hits a big boot.  They then show Paige watching the match in the back.
  • Axe kick on the apron gets Fox a nearfall.  Emma with a punch and then she dodges a Fox big boot in the corner.  She takes advantage with a roll up for the win.
  • Fox attacks in frustration.  She slams her head onto the steps and then hits the gut wrench back breaker in the ring.  Fox then sends Emma to the outside.
  • Fox then goes and steels the ring bell and starts ringing it.  "I am not a loser".  She rings it some more before slapping the timekepper.
  • She is taunting the fans now before going and beating on some more of the ring crew.  She gives one a wedgie before slapping herself in the face while yelling at the cameraman.
  • She takes some sodas from under the ring and threatens to open them in the announcing teams face.  She cracks them open and tosses some at a fan jawing with her before pooring them all over herself.


Sandow comes out as David Crockett- King of the Frontier.

They show some interaction he had with an employee in the back.  This is brilliant.

David Crockett vs Adam Rose w/ The Express

Result: Rose wins by pinfall


  • Crockett tries to gets some strikes but Rose just rolls around the ring.
  • "You ain't right!" -Crockett
  • Crockett with some punches and but Rose counters with his second rope leg kicks.
  • Swagger's music hits.  Swagger and Colter have control of the giant lemon!
  • Crockett tries to take advantage but Rose counters with the Party Foul for the win.
  • Swagger attack and gets the early advantage but Rose ends the assault with his Spinebuster.


Sheamus vs ADR

Result: Sheamus win by pinfall


  • ADR opens up with some kicks but Sheamus is able to turn things around with some punches and kicks of his own in the corner.
  • ADR tries for an arm drag but Sheamus counters with the rolling firemen's carry.  Sheamus with a knee drop off the second rope.  Forearms in the ropes and then he slams him onto the announce table.  As they get back into the ring, ADR hits a big kick.  Commercial break.
  • I missed the second half of the match but Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick.
  • Heyman appears by the timekeeper and starts talking about Sheamus' win here having no meaning.  It wasn't like he beat a Paul Heyman guy.  Cesaro takes advantage and attack Sheamus from behind.  Cesaro is beating the ever living hell out of sheamus with ground and pound.The refs pull him off and he just goes right back at it, ending his assault with the Neutralizer.


Contract signing time.

Ambrose says that tonight is historic because it will be the last time you see the Shield vs Evolution in the same ring on Raw.  Ambrose says that the team that loses will get eliminated from this business.

Reigns is just randomly tossing the rolling chairs to the outside.  As Rollins starts talking, Ambrose joins in on the chair throwing action.

Reigns then throws the table out.

Shield starts to sign the contract and out comes Evolution.

HHH says tonight is the last time we will see the Shield ever on Raw.

HHH wants them to be sure when they sign this contract because it will mean their demise.

Shield gladly signs the contract as Ambrose drops the pen in his mania as he tries to sign it.

After they are all done, Reigns tosses the contract to the outside at the feet of HHH.

Evolution signs and HHH starts to talk again but Reigns cuts him off.  "Get in the ring and fight"

Evolution gets on the apron and after some thought hit the ring.

Big brawl erupts in the ring.

Shield eventually gets the upper hand, but it doesn't last long as Evolution seizes control.  Rollins took an insane bum there.

It all ends with HHH hitting Reigns with the sledgehammer.

They take the announce table apart and Triple Powerbomb Reigns through the table.

Batista even does a Reigns shout.






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