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Daniel Bryan injury update: WWE champion advertised for Raw next week in Knoxville

This past Monday night's (May 19, 2014) episode of Raw from the O2 Arena in London, England, featured Stephanie McMahon cutting one hell of a promo announcing she would not be stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE world heavyweight championship.


Instead, she asked that he appear on next week's episode of Raw in Knoxville, Tennessee, and now, according to advertisements, that's exactly what's going to happen. Whether or not he's coming for a one-shot appearance just to drop the titles off, as McMahon indicated he would, remains unclear.

That's the beauty of it, really. We can't be entirely sure what they will do.

If Bryan is well enough to appear on the show after his neck surgery, an argument can be made that WWE could simply book angles for him that don't involve his getting physical, eliminating the need to take the title off him. But if he's just coming back for one night to get sympathy for his big return in a month or so, that could work out just as well.

As usual, stay tuned.

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