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Daniel Bryan NOT stripped of the WWE world heavyweight title ... yet

Tonight's (May 19, 2014) episode of Monday Night Raw from the O2 Arena in London, England, was built around what WWE was calling the "state of the WWE world heavyweight championship". In short, because Daniel Bryan is injured and was forced to go through neck surgery last Thursday in Pittsburgh, there was a decision to be made regarding what to do with the two belts he carries around as champion of the promotion.

To strip or not to strip.

Surprisingly, 61-percent of you Cagesiders voted to take the title off him. Well, I'm afraid...


According to the spoilers, Bryan was not stripped of the WWE title on Raw, at least not yet. Instead, Stephanie McMahon came out and cut a promo saying she believes stripping him of the title is the right thing to do but she doesn't want to just take it off him. No, she wants him to show up to Monday Night Raw next week to give the belt back himself.

That's good heeling.

It's also perfectly ambiguous and leaves no clear indication on what exactly they plan on doing. If Bryan is well enough to make appearances on Raw, that means he can, at the very least, cut promos or run angles that don't involve his having to get physical. That kills the need to take the belt(s) off him.

If that's not the case, and this theoretical appearance next week is a one time deal until he's healthy enough to come back full time, perhaps this is nothing more than misdirection.

Either way, WWE has done well to create intrigue regarding the ultimate decision on what it will do with its most important piece of hardware.

Stay tuned.

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