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WWE Raw results, live blog (May 19, 2014): State of the world heavyweight title

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 19, 2014) from the O2 Arena in London, England, featuring all the latest build to the Payback pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for early next month in Chicago.

Advertised for tonight: The state of the WWE world heavyweight title will be addressed, Daniel Bryan might pop in via satellite, The Shield and Evolution will continue their feud, John Cena and Bray Wyatt will do the same, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.


Wyatt opens up the show (it interrupted the Then. Now. Forever. bit in a nice touch) in the ring and he leads the crowd in song as a lot of them hold up their cellphones as lighters.

Wyatt talks about us all not being super heroes and then launches into a story involving an old teacher of his.

You just have to listen to the man tell the story himself.  It ends with her talking about him being evil and he brings up that she is rotting in a retirement home while he has the whole world in his hands.

Wyatt admitts to being evil though in a manner of speaking and talks about societal expectations and what constitutes knowledge.

He talks about Cena bringing so much around him down and brings up Harper having a match with Cena later in the night.

Cena's music hits which causes Rowan and Harper to start up the ramp to meet him when Cena enters from another area and attacks Wyatt from behind.  He hits the AA and bails.


Heyman in the ring with Cesaro and he lays down in the ring.  He starts saying he is Elizabeth lieing down dead and making Charles the king or Undertaker laying down and losing at WM30 except he can sit up and continue.

He talks up Cesaro a bit before Sheamus comes out and they have a match.

Cesaro vs Sheamus

Result: Cesaro wins by pinfall


  • Early brawling leads to Sheamus attempting his forearms in the ropes but Cesaro is able to bail to the outside.  He confers with Heyman and then heads back in.  Some more brawling leads to Sheamus getting the forearm spot.
  • Cesaro fights back with a series of uppercuts and slams.  A running uppercut in the corner leads to Sheamus firing back with an elbow.  Cesaro tries to send him to the outside but Sheamus comes back with the battering ram.  Some uppercuts from Sheamus takes us to the break.
  • Back from break and Cesaro is grinding Sheamus down with a sleeper.  Sheamus fights out and hits some clotheslines but Cesaro dodges a spear attempt in the corner.  Cesaro goes to work with some strikes and a slam but Sheamus counters a second attempt with an Irish Curse backbreaker.
  • Running knee from Sheamus and a powerslam gets him a two count.  Cesaro takes back control and hits the deadlift superplex on Sheamus! Cesaro can't follow it up though and Sheamus with a couple of more slams and he goes up top but Cesaro counters the assault with a big uppercut mid air for a nearfall.
  • The are trading slams and Sheamus seems to get the advantage but Heyman with the distraction.  Cesaro takes advantage with a bridging German suplex for the win.
  • Sheamus tries to shake hands after the match and Cesaro goes in but walks right past it as he pulls the old brush the hair back instead (without any hair) to big cheers from the crowd.


Beat the Clock Challenge: Big E vs Ryback

Result: Big E wins by pinfall at 5:02


  • Early striking and Ryback lands some knees.  Big E fires back with a big clotheslines and some spears in the corner.  He builds up some momentum for a splash but Ryback meets him with a huge back elbow.  Punches from clotheslines get counter by a belly to belly from Big E.
  • Ryback fires back with a meathook clothesline and some stomps.  Suplex from Ryback gets a two count. .  Ryback with a series of slams but he can't get the pinfall.  He tries for something big but Big E gets another belly to belly.  Big E builds up momentum but Ryback catches him with a spinebuster.
  • Ryback with some clohteslines and he tries for the Shellshock but Big E counters and hits the Big Ending for the win.


Fandango w/ Layla vs R-Truth w/ Funkadactyls



  • Funkadactyls joined R-Truth by providing back up in his entrance.
  • After they dance their way to the ring- Fandango and Layla start making out.  Out comes Summer Rae!
  • She takes a hold of Fandango dips him and starts kissing him herself.  The two ladies start brawling and Fandango drags Layla away from the ring.
  • So no match apparently


Another hilarious Bo Dallas video package promo


Stephanie comes out to Daniel Bryan's music and doing the Yes! chant.  That's some damn good heeling.

Stephanie is just killing it at she talks about Bryan's struggles like everyday people like "You and I, well just You".

She says since Bryan is at home recovering and watching Raw- "I've got some.." then she says there is someone better for that and cuts it to a clip show of BNB saying "I've got some Bad News".  She then does an impression of his anyway.

This is great.  She says she might strip him and give it to Kane (to boos).  Or Bad News Barret (to cheers).  "Oh you really like that one don't you."  Then she teases Batista or HHH getting the title.

She says she won't strip him like this.  Next week she will have Bryan surrender the titles face to face.


3MB Union Jacks come out and start to cut a promo before being quickly interrupted by Lana.

She starts talking trash on England and then praises Putin.

She then cuts to some photoshop of the White House and Parliament with Russian flags flying over them.

Alexander Rusev w/ Lana vs Heath Slater w/ Union Jacks

Result: Rusev wins by submission.


  • Slater tries to hit a splash before Rusev htis the ring but gets caught and slammed.  The other Jacks jump into the frey but get quickly dispatched.
  • Rusev tosses Slater in the ring to start the match.  Slater gets his feet up on the early charge but then is quickly dismantled with a side slam and the Accolade.


Shield promo in the back.

Ambrose talks about HHH's proclamations last week being undercut by the use of the Job Squad.

Ambrose says Evolution must be scared and points out the damage to Reigns.

Reigns shows it off some more and says asks if thats the best they got.

Rollins talks about his loss because of one mistake and the beatdown afterwards.

Rollins says Batista tried to end his career but he couldn't get the job done and tonight he won't make any mistakes.


Beat the Clock Challenge: RVD vs ADR

Result: RVD wins at 4:15


  • PiP promo from ADR about being bred to be champion and that he needs to be champions to teach the kids how to succeed.  The future of our planet depends on it.
  • ADR with some early strikes and a headkick to get the early advantage.  Suplex from ADDR gets a nearfall.  RVD comes back with his rolling launch thing from the corner.
  • They briefly tumble to the outside and when RVD tries to get back in ADR nails a kick to the head.  RVD fires back with a series of strikes and a leg drop when he screws up Rolling Thunder.  ADR backstabber gets the nearfall.
  • RVD with some kicks and he goes for Rolling Thunder again but decides not to Roll and just hits the senton.  RVD goes for the frog splash but ADR dodges and then hits a big enziguiri in the corner.
  • ADR tries for the arm bar but RVD gets a roll up for the win.


Cena and the Usos in the back with Renee.  Cena cuts a typical Cena promo and then him and the Usos do the chest thumping bit from Wolf of Wall Street.

Ok that was admittedly awesome.


Evolution in the back and HHH is telling him to finish off Rollins so he doesn't make it to Payback.


Seth Rollins vs Batista

Result: Rollins wins by DQ


  • Rollins comes out by himself because apparently only WWE personnel are allowed ringside..
  • HHH comes out as the special guest ring announcer and he announces that to make the match as big as possible that Randy Orton will be the guest time keeper. This is great.
  • HHH then does his job and announces Batista.
  • Before it can start- Rollins gets a mic and says that Ambrose and Reigns are the guest commentators.  Apparently the forced Maddox to make it happen.  JBL says his is uncomfortable with it so Ambrose says its ok for JBL to leave.  Ambrose and Reigns are just standing next to the commentary table instead of sitting.
  • "Hey look Randy can ring the bell"-Ambrose. Early exchange of strikes that sends both men to the outside.  They make it back in and Batista tries for a power slam but Rollins fights out and hits an enziguiri as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Rollins is down on the outside and Batista comes over and puts him into the steel steps.  Batista uses the ropes to damage Rollins neck and then baseball slides him back to the outside.
  • "Hey you're getting a little too close for comfort there HHH"-Ambrose
  • Batista with a sleeper hold as Ambrose continues to kill it on commentary.  "Nine stiches that's all they gave Reigns.  Reigns' mother hit him harder as a kid"-Ambrose
  • Batista with an elbow that causes Rollins to do a full gainer.  Evolution talks a little trash to Ambrose and he responds with "I can't hear you.  I'm on the headset doing my job."
  • Batista sets up Rollins for a superplex but Rollins fights him off and then hits a series of kicks.  Batista goes for a German Suplex but Rollins lands on his feet and sends Batista to the outside.  Suicide dive connects.
  • Orton with some minor interference when the ref is distracted which cause Ambrose and Reigns to drop their headsets.  Rollins slingshots but Batista dodges and hits a spinebuster.  Batista charges in for a spear but Rollins counters with a kick and then a slingshot knee to the head.
  • The guys on the outside start brawling all over the place.  Ambrose goes flying over the announce table and then recovers and uses it to launch himself into Orton.  HHH tosses Ambrose into the post.  Rollins goes to hit a suicide dive on HHH but HHH catches him with a punch that cause the DQ.  HHH tries to pedigree Ambrose but Ambrose counters with a back body drop onto the commentary table.  They turn their attention to Batista who eats a spear from Reigns before retreating with the rest of Evolution.


Paige vs Alicia Fox

Result: Alicia Fox wins by pinfall


  • Alicia opens up with a boot right to the face and an uppercut.  Paige fires back with a boot of her own and some headbutts before tossing Alicia around the ring.  Paige tries to get a hold of her again but Fox bails to the outside.
  • Fox takes advantage with a spinebuster onto the barrier and then shoves Paige over it before tossing her back in the ring.  Some head slams from Fox and and some stomps to the downed Paige.  Big whip into the corner and then she slams her into the corner a couple of times.
  • Paige Turner from Paige but Alicia kicks out and fires back with a tilt a whirl back breaker and the slams her inbetween the turnbuckles into the ropes.  Then a kick to the ribs and the assault gets her the pinfall.
  • Alicia shoves the ref a bit and then goes and celebrates by slamming on the announcing table and stealing King's crown.  She wears it as she walks along the barrier.  She steals a fan's pop and drinks it a bit before pouring it on herself.


Wyatt Family video promo that lets Harper get some time before Bray.  They talk just a quick bit about the Usos.


Beat the Clock Challenge: Dolph Ziggler vs Mark Henry

Result: Time Limit Draw


  • PiP prom from Ziggler but as he starts to roll Henry enters the PiP.  Excellent.
  • Henry with some missed punches but he lays out Ziggler with a shoulder.  Henry with some slams and tosses him to the outside.  Ziggler barely makes the count.  Henry charges in for a splash but Ziggler gets a boot up.
  • Henry charges in again and Ziggler jumps over him and turns around to hit the Fameasser in an odd way for a two count.  Henry tosses him to the outside again but Ziggler responds with a big dropkick when he gets back in the ring.  Another one!
  • Ziggler goes up top for a splash but Henry catches him mid air and hits the World's Strongest Slam for a two count.  Henry goes for it again but Ziggler counters with the Zig Zaq but he can't get the cover in time.
RVD comes out to celebrate winning the challenge when BNB nails him from behind.


By winning the Beat the Clock Challenge he now has to face Barrett.  He talks Greenwich Mean Time and how as an Englishmen he isn't going to lose to a bloody Yank.


Renee Young in the ring and she brings out Rose and the express.

Rose talks about some of entourage and Renee asks what's it mean to be a Rosebud.

He can't get through the answer before London starts singing his song so they all break out in dance.

Young wants to know why he is going after Swagger.

He says he just wants them to have fun.

Then he tells the bunny to bust out some dance moves and the music hits as the Bunny dances.

Swaggers music interrupts as he and Colter come out.

Colter is confused as to what Young is out doing there with those Woodstock rejects.

The fans sing Rose's song in response as Colter and Swagger hti the ring.

Colter tells Swagger to stand back because its between him and Rose.

He says that Rose is dragging down his country and he is in fact a better fit with the freaks of England.  The crowd responds with his song.

Colter says his bone is to pick with the embarassment of a couple of weeks ago.

He wants wants to settle it alone with Colter and starts to take off the vest!

Just as we look like we are gettign the showdown of the century Swagger hits a cheap shot and starts to terrorize the Express.  He turns right around into a Rose assault that sends him running. As the crowd starts in with the song again.


Bo Dallas video package promo


Luke Harper w/ The Wyatt Family vs John Cena w/ the Usos



  • Had some technical failure here.
  • Fun match that featured each man hitting a Frankensteiner, Harper had a great super kick, Wyatt took out the tag champs with Sister Abigail, and Harper hit the Minichuoko Driver.
  • The match ending brawl eventual caused a DQ so Wyatt hit a Sister Abigail to Cena.  Rowan and Harper beat on Cena up the ramp.  Harper whips Cena into a Rowan fall away slam.
  • Wyatt caps it off with a Sister Abigail on the stage.
  • Wyatt sings as Harper counts to ten.

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